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Young Sheldon George Death Update Makes Big Bang Theory Plot Holes Worse

Lance Barbers latest update about Georges impending death makes Young Sheldons The Big Bang Theory plot holes worse. The CBS comedy is currently on hiatus after wrapping up season 5. As Young Sheldon season 6 nears however so is the Cooper patriarchs demise as previously established on The Big Bang Theory.
Both Sheldon and Mary often talked about George in the nerdcentric sitcom.

Unfortunately most of their stories on The Big Bang Theory were unflattering creating a negative image for the character. As part of their anecdotes it was established that when the socially inept genius was 14 years old his father died though the official reason wasnt disclosed. Now after five seasons of the spinoff Sheldon is 12 years old so in about two years Young Sheldon would have to tackle Georges death. This particular plot point has been looming over the show for years and CBS has done just about everything to dance around it. Unfortunately unless it explicitly contradicts The Big Bang Theory the Cooper family tragedy will come to fruition.

In a new interview Barber affirms Georges impending death in Young Sheldon. While he doesnt give away anything specific about when or how this will be tackled in the spinoff he reveals his personal feelings about it. The actor shares that they have known from the beginning that his character has a predetermined end meaning it was never a question about whether or not George will die but when. Because of this he decided to just make the most out of the experience. Indirectly however Barbers revelations make Young Sheldons inconsistencies with The Big Bang Theory so much worse. Over the last five years the prequel has created several plot holes with its parent series to the disappointment of many. However Barbers comments prove that the creatives behind Young Sheldon are well aware of The Big Bang Theory canon — suggesting that the plot holes created by the series were intentional or worse simply ignored.

There have been theories floating around that Young Sheldon actually takes place in an alternate dimension in an effort to explain all of its The Big Bang Theory plot holes. This would be a great way to give the prequel full creative liberty. More than justifying its past inconsistencies with its parent series the idea is more important for the future of the offshoot which is now bogged down by the established continuity of The Big Bang Theory.

As its best example CBS is forced to tackle Georges cheating scandal in Young Sheldon followed by his eventual death. This means that if the series continues past that point in the Cooper family history it would have to do so without its patriarch. Considering how popular the show is especially since it has transitioned more into a family comedy/drama rather than a straightup sitcom getting rid of George could ultimately spell its end. Unfortunately Barber himself doesnt subscribe to this theory even if it offers Young Sheldon a way to keep George.

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