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“The Vampire Diaries” provided love drama for Nina Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries is to blame for Nina Dobrevs 33 relationship drama The actress made her breakthrough with the US series in 2009 Nina stood in front of the camera with her fellow actors Ian Somer halder 43 Paul Wesley 39 and Co. until 2015 delighting fans worldwide. Seven years after her series exit Nina now revealed Her role as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries triggered a relationship drama. In Jessica Szohrs 37 podcast XOXO Nina revealed that her boyfriend at the time was cast for the role of Damon Salvatore in the end however the production of the mystery series decided against him In the end they did not choose him but I was cast. And then it got embarrassing reported the native Bulgarian. After Nina got the role the couple parted.

The sinister vampire Damon Salvatore was eventually played by Ian Somerhalder with whom Nina dated from 2010 to 2013. Despite their breakup the actors had managed to remain friends back then and even continued to play an on-screen romance. In private life both Nina and Ian have now found happiness in love the 33-year-old has been with former athlete Shaun White 35 for two years Ian has been married to actress Nikki Reed 34 since 2015. Netflixs new teen drama series First Kill has received a lot of buzz since its release on June 10th. The series follows Juliette Sarah Catherine Hook a vampire and Calliope Imani Lewis a vampire hunter both from esteemed families. Its corny Romeo and Juliet-style plotline has landed it in Netflixs Top 10 TV Shows.

The excitement around the series is a testament to the timelessness of the vampire genre. What sets the best of these dramas apart is their ability to capture the audiences attention with a gripping story line full of high stakes interesting lore and the occasional soapy romance. Heres a look back at some of the best vampire TV shows according to the Ranker community. Note Ranker lists are fan-voted live and continue to accrue votes so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.

Mick St. John Alex OLoughlin is a vampire and private detective that uses his supernatural abilities to solve murder cases. When one of these cases leads to Beth Sophia Myles Mick must hide his feelings to conceal his identity. Set in modern-day Los Angeles Moonlight is a series with a refreshing urban twist. Despite being short-lived the series gained a niche audience that stayed for the shows dark humor addicting storyline and the strong chemistry between Mick and Beth. The series well-rounded characters realistic edge and noir atmosphere make it stand out.

This BBC series follows unlikely flatmates Annie Lenora Crichlow a ghost George Russell Tovey a werewolf and Mitchell Aidan Turner a vampire as they navigate the human world. Being Human breaks away from the tropes of its genre and there is great chemistry and a sense of warmth between Annie George and Mitchell. There is also a good balance between genuinely funny moments and outright gore. The plot and relatable characters will keep viewers intrigued. A US reboot of the series was launched by Syfy in 2011. The final episode of the reboot was aired in 2014.

Set in Victorian-era London an American Ethan Chandler Josh Hart nett Sir Malcolm Murray Timothy Dalton an explorer Vanessa Ives Eva Green a medium and Victor Frankenstein Harry Treadaway a scientist join forces to fight supernatural evil. Inspired by the works of Mary Shelley Bram Stoker and more Penny Dreadful has a rich story line incredible acting and beautiful Gothic-style production design. Mixing the psychological and the surreal the show has a seriously terrifying edge. In 2020 there was a Showtime reboot of the series under the name Penny Dreadful City of Angels that ended the same year.

When their father goes missing the Winchester brothers Sam Jared Pada lecki and Dean Jensen Ackles set off to find him. Along the way they encounter powerful supernatural creatures that they must defeat.This spin off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars Angel David Boreanaz a vampire with a human soul who relocates to Los Angeles and teams up with friends to fight supernatural beings that threaten the city.

Angel represents a much grittier supernatural world than its predecessor. The series despite initial doubts has proven itself as a strong stand-alone with its compelling script and proper character development. As some of the best characters from the Buffy verse Angel and Cordelia Charisma Carpenter come together with Wesley Wyndam Pryce Alexis Denisof and Charles Gunn J. August Richards to make a memorable team. There are also cameo appearances by Buffy and the Sunny dale crew that occur throughout the series.

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