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The new bioware update is a big impact and good news for Dragon Edge fans.

A new BioWare update is good news for fans of Mass Effect and Dragon Edge or at least good news. BioWare games live and die through their stories and characters which means they live and die with good writing. Most people dont play Mass Effect or Dragon Edge. In fact the gameplay of BioWare games is usually nothing more than decent. When BioWare games arent written well they dont do very well. You dont need to watch anything but anthems and to an extent Mass Effect Andromeda to see the fate of bioware games when they arent the best in the field of storytelling. That said its important for BioWare to have a team of great authors which is why Im so glad they hired DeMarl.

For those unfamiliar with Demirel he is probably best known for his work on the modern Dave X series which furthers the story of the action RPG series. Most recently he created the story and helped the narrative team for Game Guardians of the Galaxy 2021 which won Best Narrative at the Game Awards last year. In other words it has serious narrative design and writing chips. And now shes in bioware possibly working on the new Dragon Edge and Mass Effect games although its possible the former is far from influencing her at Edus Monreal for over a decade.

The good news for BioWare game fans is not only that theyve included one of the best authors in the industry but also a seasoned developer as the company shifts seasoned developers left and right. studiosOf course game development especially AAA development is a collaborative thing so one developer doesnt make much of a difference. However aside from being a creative director there arent many positions where having talent is more important than being at the forefront of the narrative field especially when youre creating narrative games like BioWare.As always leave a comment or let me know what you think via @Tyler_Fischer_ on Twitter. What do you think of this move? Does that make you feel more confident in the narrative potential of future BioWare games?

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