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Procession for the third officer killed in the line of duty

Floyd County Kentucky WSAZ A third police officer was killed in a mass shooting in Floyd County Kentucky.Prestonburg Police Officer Jacob R. Schiffens died of his injuries. He was a K9 handler with the department.The City of Prestonburg posted this information on its Facebook page.The Chaffins Department had a K9 handler.Early Saturday morning Officer Schiffens body was removed from St. Louis. From I64 in Louis Kentucky to US 23 and from West Virginia Police to Marys Medical Center in Prestonburg.He devoted his short time to this land as an EMT firefighter and police officer serving the citizens of Prestonburg and the Commonwealth. However you have dedicated yourself to the security of our country like a brave soldier.


Another memorial stands on the lawn of the Floyd County Courthouse in honor of Rep. William Petrie.The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. military base. Near the railway crossing a K9 unit was also killed and four others were injured.Outside the Floyd County Courthouse is a memorial in honor of Rep. William Petrie and K9.A memorial stands outside Floyd County Courthouse in honor of Rep. William Petrie and K9 Officer Drago. WSACapt. Ralph Fraser with the Prestonburg Police Department and Department. William Petrie of the Floyd County Sheriffs Department was also killed in the shooting. The incident was recorded around 6pm on Thursday and lasted for hours until the accused was arrested near his house around 10pm on Thursday.

According to Kentucky State Police Fraser served 39 years with the Prestonburg Police Department. Petrie another law enforcement veteran had a total service of 31 years. He started in 1991 at the Prestonburg Police Department where he remained until 2005. From 2005 to 2020 he served with KSP and then moved to the Floyd County Sheriffs Department.Allens 49yearold Lance Stores faces a number of charges including two counts of murdering a police officer. He also faces charges related to the death of K9 Drago who served in the Floyd County Sheriffs Department. During the virtual hearing the stores declared their innocence.

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