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Experts say Kate and William were worried about Meghan and Harrys media leaks.

A royal expert has said that Kate Middleton and Prince William have a lack of confidence in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and it is feared that they will leak information about them to the media.Katie Nicole pointed out that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not meet when Meghan and Harry returned to the UK. The Queen. I think its a sign of Cambridges busy schedule but maybe a lack of confidence he told ET. I know William and Kate are worried about what they can say or do with the fact that it could be leaked to the media. So I wonder if you really have to prove it. They can be trusted. There are Netflix shows and Spotify series. Working to restore trust.

If theres a chance to move on to heal the relationship and really try to heal some very deep wounds I think Harry and Meghan should respect the wishes of royalty Nicole said. The royal expert suggested that inviting William to his birthday party could lead to a friction between Harry and Meghan.William turned 40 earlier this month and is very interested in inviting Kate Harry to the party.The big party which we believe will be held at Windsor Castle could cause some problems said royal commentator Neil Sean. Great resource and as always we have to guess.He suggested that Harry would return but Meghan with her two young children in California might not.

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