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10 fav My Hero Academia Characters, According To Reddit

While My Hero Academia has a colorful and diverse cast of characters some personalities failed to woo the users on Reddit. My Hero Academia fans are patiently waiting for more volumes of the manga and the sixth season of the anime series. The beloved franchise has cultivated a loyal fan base by featuring epic story lines moving character arcs and a really cool power system. My Hero Academia has a lovable and charming cast of characters which includes the altruistic protagonist Izuku Midoriya and the quirky mentor All Might. However not every character in the manga and anime series has been able to capture the hearts of the franchises fans. On that note users on Reddit have voiced out which My Hero Academia characters they least liked.

My Hero Academia does not solely focus on the adventures of Class 1A. Hitoshi Shinso a student from Class 1C has also played a significant role in many of the series arcs such as the U.A. Sports Festival Arc and Joint Training Arc. Hitoshis Quirk is Brainwashing allowing him to control other people as long as the victim verbally responds to him. Hitoshi has gained popularity amongst fans of My Hero Academia due to his character development. However Redditor Jantripp says that they have not seen Shindo do anything interesting enough as a character to warrant the popularity. Despite that it seems that Hitoshis mysteriousness implies that he could become an important character in the series future arcs.

Tsuyu Asui is one of the more popular characters from My Hero Academia and some fans would even love to be friends with her. Her Quirk allows her to gain frog like abilities such as an elongated tongue aquatic adaptation and powerful limbs. Shes beloved by fans of the series for her keen intellect and unique design. However not everyone is a fan of . On Reddit joelwar27 notes that they feel that Tsuyu is a character thats being forced onto the spotlight and they do not understand why gets a lot of screen time. But in the series Tsuyu proves that she deserves to be a key figure thanks to her levelheaded personality and cleverness.

Shuichi Iguchi also known by his villain name Spinner is one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Hes also associated with the League of Villains and served under Tomura Shigaraki. Spinners Quirk makes him look like a lizard and allows him to stick to walls. While his Quirk is arguably insignificant Spinner proves his worth by having superior fighting abilities. His Quirk is not anything special and Redditor Renekin says that they do not enjoy his character and his design. They also think that hes trying hard to be a knockoff of the villain Stain.

Minoru Mineta is one of the U.A. students from Class 1A. The spheres on top of his head can be pulled off and stick to anything it touches except Mineta. He can use his Quirk to trap enemies shield himself from danger and scale tall surfaces. Mineta doesnt really have a lot of fans due to his perverted and immature personality. On Reddit RISING admits that they find Mineta annoying. Whats more hes one of the least brave characters in My Hero Academia as he tends to panic and bail during a fight.

Also known as Stain Chizome Akaguro is a who aims to weed out the false heroes in society. His ideology stems from the belief that almost all heroes are only doing it for the money and the fame. Aside from having superhuman speed and strength Stain can also paralyze someone by simply tasting their blood.

Stain sought to obliterate anyone who he thought was not worthy of being called a hero. Redditor adarshNG noticed this too and said that despite being a great villain with his own twisted goals Stain did not have the right to indiscriminately kill heroes.

Inasa Yoarashi is a student from Shiketsu High School who faced U.A. High Schools Class 1A during the Provisional Hero License Exam. His Quirk allows him to control the wind and use it to attack his enemies. Hes capable of flying thanks to his Quirk. Class 1A has plenty of students who have interesting and useful Quirks. Koji Koda for one is able to communicate and command animals. Koji is a shy and quiet student so much so that he prefers talking to his classmates using sign language. While he can talk to all animals Koji is deathly afraid of bugs but he is ready to set his fear aside to help his classmates.

However on Reddit thinks that the guy with the Quirk that lets him talk to animals has not done anything particularly amazing that they did not even bother to learn his name.

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