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Why Its Good That James Gunn Isnt Working On The Suicide Squad 3

James Gunn has explained that he is not currently making The Suicide Squad 3 but saving the sequel for a later date could work in the movies favor.
Writer/director James Gunn has clarified that he is not currently working on The Suicide Squad 3 but the sequels delay can potentially work in its favor. Since the release of 2021s The Suicide Squad audiences have anticipated the news regarding the title antiheroes return. However the sequel has not passed the planning phase opening the opportunity for the next installment to gradually enter production.

Gunns film follows Task Force X otherwise called the Suicide Squad a special operations team comprised of lethally skilled superpowered villains captured by the covert organization ARGUS. Among the teams ranks are Harley Quinn the reformed criminal Bloodsport the brutal sharpshooter and King Shark the deceptively docile humanoid shark. Amanda Waller the coldhearted director of ARGUS recruits the Suicide Squad for a dangerous mission on the island of Corto Maltese to destroy Jotunheim a secret facility conducting inhumane scientific experiments. In exchange for their cooperation Waller agrees to shorten each Squad members prison sentence but their survival is not guaranteed.

The Suicide Squad has become one of the DC Extended Universes most wellreceived films to date applauded for being equal parts actionpacked dramatic and hilarious. Despite its immense success Gunn revealed in a recent interview the surprising news that he presently is not working on a followup film. Gunn is currently focused on multiple television show projects for the constantly expanding DCEU and though he has expressed interest in making The Suicide Squad 3 his already full schedule would not permit the time for such a massive project. The update may disappoint those who enjoyed the original movie but Gunns postponement of The Suicide Squad 3 allows more time for developing the story instead of rushing to production. As Gunn gears his focus toward new DCrelated shows he can simultaneously build the foundation for the sequels story leading to a more cohesive end product.

Gunns HBO Max series Peacemaker doubles as both a standalone feature and a continuation of The Suicide Squad exemplifying how the films overarching story can proceed. Peacemakers first season follows the missions of the eponymous masked vigilante after his neardeath experience on Corto Maltese and his uncordial severance from the Squad giving him more significance than in his debut. Since Gunn has confirmed working on Peacemaker season 2 a spinoff centered on Amanda Waller and other undisclosed DC shows he can further explore the familiar characters and their respective storylines to correspond with The Suicide Squads sequel.

The biggest advantage of producing The Suicide Squad 3 at a later date affords Gunn and his collaborators an invaluable commodity time. When the DCEU first began in 2013 it faced pressure to match pace with the Marvel Cinematic Universe which had already been in motion since 2008. The current situation grants Gunn time to provide depth to the sequels story allowing it to naturally progress from the last film. For now The Suicide Squad 3 is only a concept. Though some viewers may be disheartened that a sequel is not in progress the directors suspension of the film indicates he wants the followup to be as exciting as its predecessor.

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