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Whats Scarier than an Enraged Darth Vader? Star Wars Has a Terrifying Answer

The ObiWan Kenobi series was a success and viewers are hoping for a Season 2. From the QuiGon Jinn and Emperor Palpatine cameos to the long list of callbacks and Easter eggs the series definitely belonged in the Star Wars universe. But most importantly ObiWan Kenobi made it clear that Darth Vader was just as powerful as any Sith in Star Wars and fans loved it.

Vader had a number of aweinspiring moments throughout the series. He brutally dragged ObiWan through fire and nearly choked Reva to death as well as ripped an entire shuttle out of the sky. To even a casual viewer it was clear that nobody messed with Vader especially when he was angry. However the Star Wars Doctor Aphra comic series just introduced something thats even more terrifying than an enraged Darth Vader. Its an Ascendant weapon called the Spark Eternal. The Ascendant was an ancient cult that replicated the Force with evil technology.

Over the past few issues Aphra and Sanna Starros have been on a quest to find Ascendant artifacts but Aphras nemesis Kho Phon Farrus has constantly been one step ahead. Farrus teamed up with Sava Iglantine Nos and together they entered the Ascendants most sacred place the Undying Heart. There the pair hoped to unlock the secrets to the Spark Eternal which was supposed to grant Sithlike powers and eternal life. Aphra and Starros tried to stop them but their plan backfired. As Issue #20 ended the power of the Spark Eternal killed Aphra and immediately resurrected her.

However in Doctor Aphra #21 by Alyssa Wong Minkyu Jung Rachelle Rosenberg and VCs Joe Caramagna it became clear that the Spark was even more powerful and terrifying than anyone had expected. The issue didnt reveal exactly how the Spark worked but it was pretty freaky. It was some kind of sentient Terminatorlike energy. After bonding with Aphras body it completely took over all of her faculties. In an eerie exchange Aphra tried to reason with the power that had taken her over but the Spark quickly suppressed all of Aphras willpower.

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