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Doctor Stranges New Mech Suit Improves Iron Mans Deadliest Armor

Doctor Strange is putting a twist on his own suit of armor as hes giving Iron Mans mech suits a magical upgrade that improves them.

Stephen Strange is oneupping Iron Man as his new mech suit in Mech Strike Monster Hunters will receive a considerable magic upgrade from the hero. Doctor Stranges mech armor has been revealed in the latest look at the Mech Strike Monster Hunters miniseries from Marvel Comics. The Sorcerer Supreme turns Tony Starks creation into an even deadlier weapon to take on Doctor Doom and the other villains who have received their own monstrous power upgrades.

Marvels new miniseries Mech Strike Monster Hunters features the rise of powerful villains in monstrous forms after using a magical artifact known as the Eye of the Kraken to become even deadlier creatures. To fight back Iron Man and the Avengers are calling for the mech suit armors. But to stop the likes of Loki Venom and Doctor Doom the heroes received magical upgrades using the other Eye of the Kraken from Doctor Strange to transform into monster mechs merged with their armors. While the Sorcerer Supreme wonders if he made a mistake in giving the Avengers new monster powers and forms Strange will soon join them with a magical new mech he upgraded himself.

In a new trailer for Marvels Mech Strike Monster Hunters #1 by Christos Gage Paco Diaz Dono SanchezAlmara and VCs Cory Petit Doctor Strange reveals that Iron Mans mech suit armor that previously saved the world against Thanos isnt enough to take on Doctor Doom and the monstrous new forms of the villains. As a result the Sorcerer Supreme reveals hes turning his powers against himself and joining the Avengers in their monster hunter mechs as the preview showcases Stranges new armor. The trailer briefly looks at Stranges mech suit armor which features multiple legs and several upgrades features from Doctor Stranges usual costume.

After turning the Avengers into monsters with the Eye of the Kraken seeing Doctor Strange give himself a similar power upgrade shows the hero is willing to do whatever it takes to stop Doctor Doom and the other villains hideous new forms. Hopefully turning Iron Mans mech armor into a magical form doesnt corrupt Strange as using the Kraken to fight back seems like an incredibly dangerous move. Readers can see Doctor Strange and the mech suit armors in action as Mech Strike Monster Hunters from Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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