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With love Victor Season 3 ending the series stronger than ever

Love Victor is a series based on the 2018 film Love Simon which was adapted from the 2015 novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda . The show had gone through a bit of a journey before it aired and the journey only started there. The first two seasons of the series were full of drama emotion and heart but the two dont even live up to the events of the third season. The novel vs. Simon the Homo Sapiens Agenda is about a teenager named Simon who lives in the fictional town of Creekwood Georgia. The novel and its adaptation Love Simon follow Simon Spier Nick Robinson as he begins an email correspondence with another Creekwood High student bonding over the fact that they are both gay and closeted.

They trust each other and fall in love along the way finally coming together after many family conflicts friendship dramas and unfortunately a forced date. Love Victor takes us back to Creekwood just a few years after Simon graduated. Víctor Salazar Michael Cimino is new in town and struggles to find his place and discover his sexuality. After hearing Simons story Victor seeks guidance. With Simons advice and much trial and error Victor found great friends a boyfriend and solace in his identity. But things were far from easy. Unlike Simon Victor deals with being Latino and having parents who werent raised to accept.

There were many obstacles that Victor needed to face alone. The second season of Love Victor went on a massive cliffhanger. While dancing with his friend Rahim at his exgirlfriend Mias fathers wedding Victor is spotted by his boyfriend Benji George Sear. Although Benji and Victor were taking a break Benji felt betrayed because Rahim was also gay and it seemed the two were on their way to becoming more than just friends. The end of the season two finale left Victor knocking on someones door but we didnt know who.

But that wasnt the only who will pick them up? cliffhanger. Victors best friend Felix Anthony Turpel was experiencing a similar conflict. Felix had separated from his girlfriend Lake Bebe Wood after Lake sought mental health help from Felixs mother against Felixs wishes. However after encouragement from his mother Felix was ready to repair the relationship but it wasnt that easy. While separated from Lake Felix confided in Victors sister Pilar. At the end of the third season it seems that Pilar could be who Felix really wants to be with. Victor casts Benji in the premiere season but things dont go exactly as planned.

Benji has been dealing with alcoholism and is sent to rehab where he learns that its best to avoid emotional triggers including Victor. So Victor has lost his boyfriend and his best friend Rahim is hurt because he wasnt chosen. Fortunately this offers Victor a period of selfdiscovery in which he can experience being single something he has never been and go out freely.

Meanwhile Félix has chosen Pilar but the couple must keep their relationship a secret as Pilar worries that her father will not approve of the relationship. Félix is hurt because he has a great relationship with all of Pilars family Víctors best friend and he is forced to face the fact that Pilar comes from a different background than his own. The pair go through classic high school experiences including awkward interactions with exes hesitation around sex conversations about birth control and much more.

The first two seasons of Love Victor might have trouble feeling too corny or over the top in their storylines but the third season took a more serious approach and worked well for the show. Conflicts in Victor and Benjis relationship were inevitable this season as they were forced to confront the issues that caused Benji to relapse. Although we had supported Victor and Benji for the previous two seasons it became clear that their relationship was not healthy and that they needed time apart. Facing the problems in their relationship was a mature direction for both the characters and the writers. Felix and Pilars relationship was also solid.

Personally Felix and Lake are my two favorite characters so it was a relief that I was still rooting for them even after they parted ways. The buildup for Felix and Pilar to reunite lasted for much of the second season so the payoff worked extremely well. Lake also found himself in a new relationship with a relatively new character Lucy. Laks sexuality

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