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One Directions biggest fights from Liams backstage claims to Zayns sudden breakup

Liam Payne went viral for juicy revelations of him on the Impaulsive podcast so HITC takes a look back at the bands ranks over the years.Liam spilled all the tea in early June on Logan Pauls podcast addressing his infighting and feuds with other singers including Justin Bieber and The Wanted.Her snub at Zayn Malik however came under fire from Twitter fans after she claimed that Gigi Hadids tweet about her exboyfriend didnt age well because she called him a respectful man years before Malik allegedly hit to his mother .

The Strip That Down singer later apologized writing I didnt articulate as well as I could. I was saying that there will always be things we disagree on but I will always always be on your side. Thats family. Zayn is my brother and I will support him forever.There are several other times where the members fought each other so lets take a trip down memory lane shall we?Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 World Premiere Being in One Direction hasnt always been easy.Louis mocked Zayn and Naughty Boys selfiesZayn left One Direction in March 2015 and wasted no time pursuing his solo career. Producer Naughty Boy uploaded a selfie of the couple two months later but Louis didnt like it very much.

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Remember when you were 12 and thought those Mac filters for your photos were cool haha! Some people still do HA!He indirectly shot Zayn for using mac filters on the picture prompting Zayn to reply directly on Twitter Remember when you had a life and you stopped making comments and about mine? .The meat was real.Naughty Boy also accused Louis of using autotune to which the Two Of Us singer responded


Backstage brawl with an anonymous member
One of the highlights of the Impaulsive Podcast was Paynes nowinfamous quote If you dont remove those hands chances are youll never use them again.The singer briefly detailed a backstage fight where a member threw me against a wall. According to Payne the rest of the band knew that he didnt like to take shit. If that were true there probably wouldnt have been any walls up.The Pillowtalk singer released a song called Icarus Falls in 2018. With lyrics like Id rather be anywhere anywhere but here too many drugs and booze fans suspected he was counting down his days in the band.Louis fueled by indirectly calling someone a hypocrite on Twitter three hours later though the truth was never confirmed.


The 1D member took home an American Music Award for New Artist of the Year and began his speech by throwing some shade at his former member.This only has my name right? he saidThere seems to be a pattern with Zayn and the rest of the bandmates.Payne celebrated with a tweet after #OneDirectionBestFans was trending #1 worldwide two years after their split. He complimented the group but didnt include Malik in the tweet prompting diehard fans to wonder why. After all he was there most of the years.

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