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How Sam Neill Crushed A Long-Running Jurassic Park Fan Theory

When Jurassic Park was released in 1993 it was full of innovative visuals plenty of action and exciting ideas like the thought that dinosaur DNA could be extracted from mosquitos trapped in amber. In the years following plenty of the science used in the film and the franchise it spawned has been debunked via BBC but that has not necessarily been a problem for fans. They have come up with some innovative theories to explain pretty much everything except why Claire Dearing  Bryce Dallas Howard thought wearing heels throughout Jurassic World would be a good idea.

One of these ideas was summed up by Dr. Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum in a memorable way. Upon learning from Dr. Henry Wu B.D. Wong in the original movie that all the dinosaurs that were created by InGen are female by virtue of the researchers controlling their chromosomes he points out that this type of control is not possible. I am simply saying that life finds a way he says in a quote that pretty much everyone knows.The fan theory is explained in a 2014 YouTube video created by Jack Anthony Ewins. It focuses on an early scene in the movie in which Dr. Malcolm lawyer Donald Gennaro Martin Ferrero Dr. Ellie Sattler Laura Dern and Dr. Alan Grant Sam Neill are being flown by helicopter to the InGen biological preserve on Isla Nublar with John Hammond Richard Attenborough.

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