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Dragon Age Dreadwolf How Solass Plot Could Affect the Dwarves

While elven lore has taken center stage in the Dragon Age series the dwarves have an interesting parallel exploration. This is especially evident in the DLC Descent which reveals the existence of the giants their relationship to the lily and the dwarves ability to obtain magic. With Dragon Age Dreadwolf in development fans are wondering not only what will happen to Thedas through Solas plans but what specifically awaits the dwarves.

Fans often share that they find dwarves born compared to others in the Dragon Age universe. BioWare may have listened coming up with plans to dig deeper into dwarves in Dragon Age Dreadwolf. If so its probably related to the plot of Solas and the events of the DLC Descent. In fact there are many things that connect dwarves to ancient elves which may be important in the next game.

Stories with ancient elves and dwarves.
He shared an image of the king of dwarves and an elven Inquisition tarot card.
In ancient times the dwarves had a great empire like the elves. Also like the elves it fell and since then they have been in trouble. While the elves lost their immortality along with the city of Arlathan and became secondclass citizens of Thedas the dwarves lost most of their people and civilization in the First Blight. Much of its earliest history has been lost leaving plenty of room to be found in Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

The loss of the giants to the dwarves was also similar to the loss of their ranks to the elves. Both the Titans and Evanuris seem to have played an important role in the ancient culture of the race and were eventually forgotten or at least their history played out in different angles. In fact the death of the giants in the dwarf culture may be related to Evanuris. If this was true then Solass plan to take down the Veil would greatly affect the dwarfs.

Among the many murals of Solas on Trespasser is what appears to be a shattered Titan. Solas murals often represent the truth of his ideas past and identity so the Titan mural is an important test of Dragon Age Dreadwolf. In the Descent DLC it is revealed that the giant may have fallen to the elf Arlathan but why is unknown.Solass codex and murals however tell the story of an ancient fairy cutting down a giant. The codex entry A Song for Elgarnan shows ancient elves hunting giants to tame earthquakes. Veilfire Runes in the Deeproads also mentions Mythal beating up various Titans and giving land to the Elves while the Dwarves extract lilies for Evanuris.

The giant didnt seem to be crushed in the end but fell asleep. Based on the evidence it is possible that the giants were sleeping when the Veil was created as the Veil accommodates spirits and magic. Titan veins are literally lilies so they have creatures that are deeply tied to magic. It is not impossible to believe that the creation of the Veil weakened the giants so that they fell asleep and were eventually forgotten by the dwarves.

What could Solas plan possibly do?
Dragon Age 4 Solas Redeem
Breaking the Veil could mean the return of the Titans. Many can wake up from their sleep which can be disastrous as they tend to be unhappy and are known to cause earthquakes. Solas had admitted that his actions would destroy Thedas and causing the giants to wake up and cause an earthquake would no doubt do just that.

However this will affect the dwarfs more. The relationship between giants and dwarves seems magical. In Descent players watch giants cast magic on dwarves. The evidence before that DLC even hints that the dwarves once possessed magic. For example one of the oldest Thais explored was Primeval Thaig in Dragon Age 2 where the Red Lily Idol was originally found to have an architecture created by magic meaning ancient dwarves somehow had access to Magic.

Theres more to the giants their magic and the dwarves. The codex Descent DLC and dwarves lore suggest that the dwarves may have some sort of mental birth with the Stone. The stone is not a god to them but is closely related to their traditions. Many dwarves still have the socalled Se Stone.

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