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The Sandman Who are the Endless?

Coming to Netflix this August The Sandman arguably contains the mythology painstakingly pieced together by Neil Gaiman and his cocreators in the groundbreaking comic series. Aside from The Sandman himself officially called Dream the most important characters in the saga are probably The Endless Immortal Dreams who embody key aspects of the existence of siblings in the universe. Fans of the character are excited to see how and where The Endless might appear in the new series.

Embodiments of eternal concepts The Endless are all but omnipotent. In fact many of The Sandmans comic series especially the final chapters dealt with the ins and outs of their existence and what happens when big changes come their way. How much the series explores this side of mythology remains to be seen but at least some of Dreams cosmic siblings are confirmed. Below is a list of all seven Endless in alphabetical order along with a brief description and speculation on their possible roles in the new series.Death is the Sandmans closest brother

Aside from Dream himself Death is the best known of The Endless with a prominent place in both the Sandman comics and standalone comics like Death The High Cost of Living. Appearing with a gothic aesthetic she has alabaster skin black hair and a silver ankh around her neck. Unlike more traditional depictions of death she is rarely frightening. In fact she seems to be genuinely funloving and can be friendly and sociable on most occasions. But she is implacable when it comes to her duties which will last until the death of the last living creature at the end of the universe. Death is played by Kirby HowellBaptise in the new series.Delirium is messy but sees more than the Sandman

Perhaps the most blatant depiction of chaos among the Endless Delirium appears as a thinshouldered woman with colorful hair and a variety of mismatched clothing. She began her existence in the comics as Delight but switched to a less stable embodiment sometime before the rise of humanity. Her attention wanders wildly and she often has trouble focusing on certain shots claiming it causes her pain. Despite her kaleidoscopic personality Delirium possesses insights that the other Endless lack and is accordingly extremely protective. Whether she will star in the new series is uncertain.Desire is the sandmans best enemy

Desire is gender neutral and can take the form and appearance of any being. However they are always stunning and instantly match the mood and zeitgeist of the environment in which they are placed. Embodiments of unbridled emotions they are often the most cruel and indifferent to the endless. They also have an ongoing feud with Dream stemming from their regular efforts to destroy his various romantic relationships seemingly on a whim. Despair is her twin sister. Desire is played by Mason Alexander Park in the new series.Despair is Desires Twin and The Sandmans Foe

If Desire embodies physical beauty then Despair is the opposite a naked obese whiteskinned woman with a perpetually sour face and an affinity for rats. She wears a hooked ring that acts as her symbol and regularly uses it to claw and poke. Her realm dela is hopelessness and she is responsible for instilling nihilism and fear in mortals. She regularly works with Desire to undermine the machinations of her dream. Despair is played by Donna Preston in the new series.Fate cares little for the Sandman or anyone else

Destiny is the oldest of the Endless and also furthest from the reality they collectively affect. He appears as an old man in a simple robe chained to a book in which the entire collective existence is written. He rarely trades and seems most focused on his duties at The Endless. This gives him an aloof and unapproachable personality and he rarely ventures an opinion on the affairs of the other Endless. It is uncertain if Destiny will appear in the new series.


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