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Quick Takes on WWE Future by Becky Lynch Cesaro on AEW Directionless AJ Styles more

Even as WWE Money in the Bank drew closer Mondays Raw left fans with more questions than answers particularly about what the future holds for Becky Lynch.Big Time Becks failed to finish first in the Raw Womens Championship and failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. She had lost more recently than she had in a few years but a fight would easily put her back on track.AJ Styles has also had some interesting weeks on Raw over the past few weeks. He emerged loser from his feud with Edge and appears to be entering a feud with The Miz which feels like a definite downgrade from The Phenomenal One.

While his current reserve remains in question there is no doubt that Zack is Saber Jr.s opponent. It fits what Bryan Danielson described in Dynamite and would be an excellent addition to an already loaded Blackpool Combat Club.This episode of Quick Takes discusses why Cesaro should be all Elite AEWs next move with the delayed Ring of Honor Bianca Belairs defense against Carmella at Money in the Bank and more.After spending so many years on the cover of Raw and SmackDown Becky Lynch makes perfect sense for Becky Lynch to step down and focus on other nongold feuds in the near future.

She wasnt away from Raw long enough after losing the Raw Womens Championship at WrestleMania 38 to make her absence as significant as it should but it was wise to let her rekindle her feud with Asuka rather than head straight to the tournament to return . Shes chasing the title.After Asuka decisively defeated Lynch in her rubber match on Monday Raw and Lynchs meltdown continues afterward it shouldnt be long before she begins her next story and Alexa Bliss makes as much sense as anyone in being her next rival . . Lynch recently mentioned on Raw that Bliss cost her the money in the banks briefcase the last time she wrestled for him in 2018. Lynch retaliates by costing Bliss her briefcase in this years edition and arguing with her on her way to SummerSlam.

Its been many years since they last went one on one and the roles have been reversed. She would also give Bliss something worthwhile to do so scheduling a match between them for SummerSlam would be the best benefit for everyone involved.Injuries are currently plaguing WWE and AEW rosters and Raws womens division is no exception.Raw Womens Champion Bianca Belair announced Monday on Raw that her Money in the Bank opponent Rhea Ripley is injured and that a new number one contender needs to be identified. The Fatal 5Way match was then fought and won by Carmella who proved to be the least likely choice to win everyones chance.

On paper theres nothing exciting about Belair vs. Carmella. Carmella has been absent from WWE TV for over two months and poses little threat to Belairs title so there is no uncertainty as to the outcome.But with a week to go until the payperview Belairs opponent should be nothing but filler for the event. A bigger game shouldnt be rushed in such a short amount of time.Granted Liv Morgan or Alexa Bliss would have been better choices but both are busy in the womens Money in the Bank Ladder match. Carmella is believable and easy to defeat allowing Belair to pass to other challengers at SummerSlam.

While this new match isnt as compelling as Belair vs. Ripley the ranked bouts are what sells the show and it will be another notable win for Belair to set his record.The injuries that marked this weekends Forbidden Door card were hugely disappointing but at least something good can come of it.Bryan Danielson revealed that while its not clinically clear if he will face Zack Saber Jr. in this event he has found a suitable replacement. He praised this mysterious figure and called her one of the best technical fighters in the world. All of the nominations are male and anyone else facing Saber on Sunday could be considered disappointing. It is OK

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