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Is Venice just another tourist trap or a unique wonder?

Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is one of the most romantic and unforgettable cities visited by people from all over the world. In some European countries eg Germany there is even an expression that goes something like see Venice and die. In other words once youve seen Venice you can live the rest of your life with the satisfaction of knowing youve seen the best the world has to offer.But is Venice really worth it or is it just another tourist trap? Its true that Venice is awash with tourists but that doesnt detract from the citys character and vibe. Venice is a stunning city that is worth visiting.

There are many places without tourists in Venice
Although there are a lot of tourists in Venice it doesnt feel like just another tourist trap. The historic island is large and tourists tend to flock to only certain parts of the island such as St Marks Square the main shopping street the train station and the famous Rialto Bridge where SpiderMan was attacked in Man Spider Far From Home.

Tourist places in Venice St. Marks Square Rialto Bridge main shopping streets
If youre thinking of having a drink or a bite to eat in these popular parts of Venice the first thing to check is the prices they can be very high tourist prices. But take a stroll around the city and youll find plenty of cafes and restaurants frequented mainly by locals.

Tip have a drink where Italian is spoken
All of Venice is an openair museum so it can be difficult to know which places are not so touristy. Some tips would be to avoid the popular spots above only if you want to stay away from the tourist crowds and stop at places where customers speak Italian. Even if the menu is only in Italian it could be an indication that the place has a local clientele.

St. Marks Square is the heart of Venice and a mustsee just expect prices to be correspondingly higher if you plan on dining in the square as well.Locals are friendly to touristsIn some places locals are getting tired of so many tourists seemingly invading the place they call home. For locals it can be frustrating that every time they go out a tourist asks for directions or asks to take a picture.Attitude Positive towards tourists
But Venetians are happier with tourists. After a difficult few years of the pandemic tourists are finally returning to Venice and locals are rejoicing.

Venice is a place where residents feel welcome and at home. Its not a tourist trap where you feel like the locals only see you there to spend money.


Venice can be visited on a budget
While many consider Venice an expensive place to visit the city is really easy to visit on a backpacking budget. There is a choice of accommodation on the mainland due to the excellent trains that run every ten minutes and link the modern part of the city on the mainland with the historic island of Venice.Accommodation Stay on the mainland to save
The train to the island only costs about $1.50 and takes about 10 minutes.Trains from mainland Venice to the historic island

Summer can be very hot and this is when the tourist season is in full swing and costs are at their highest. Go in spring or fall and the weather will be cooler and the cost will be lower.Hostels are a great way for backpackers to save money while in Venice. For example in summer the cost of a dorm bed at Anda Hostel can be as high as $40.00 per night but only $15.00 in low season.In short Venice is one of the urban wonders of the world so it doesnt have to be a tourist trap. It is one of the most rewarding places in all of Europe.

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