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How to Watch Westworld Season 4 Where to Stream the SciFi Thriller Series

Its finally here isnt it? Westworld the mindboggling scifi neowestern series that constantly makes us question our reality is finally back in full force. The hit HBO series returns for a fourth season after a twoyear hiatus promising a bloodbath between artificial intelligence and humanity as both battle to take over the world.

Born from the minds of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy the two serve as the series cocreators and are the allseeing eyes pulling the invisible strings behind the scenes. An adaptation of the 1973 dystopian scifi thriller of the same name Nolan and Joy have managed to create their own monster as the series has become notoriously messy and at times confusing with its various story arcs and alternate universes. At the heart of the series however is a simple question what makes us human?

Season 1 takes place in a neverending theme park called Westworld where guests can visit the old Wild West and live out their fantasies as heroic cowboys or ruthless villains. They interact with hosts sophisticated robots that look think and feel like humans but are programmed with predetermined lines and themes to fulfill specific roles within the park. Evan Rachel Wood stars as hostess Dolores Abernathy a ranchers daughter who begins to question the nature of her reality. This proves deadly and by the end of season one she realizes she is living in a fake simulation and begins waging a war against humanity hoping to take control of the world by bringing about the end of the bring about civilization.

Thandiwe Newton plays Maeve Millay a wily hostess who also discovers that she is trapped in a false reality and dreams of escaping with her host daughter. Jeffrey Wright plays Bernard Lowe West world programming director and a major antagonist to all of Dolores schemes. Ed Harris portrays the villainous Man in Black a human who has been frequenting the theme park for years with a secret agenda and Tessa Thompson plays Charlotte Hale the executive director of the Delos Destinations Board who gets sucked into all the West world chaos once the carnage begins in Season 2. Fast forward to Season 3 and Dolores has broken out of West world and entered the real world taking things to a whole new level.

In a futuristic dystopian world privacy no longer exists technology has essentially taken over the world. As Dolores plots to destroy humanity by getting her hands on vital information that could overthrow the entire system of today s society she meets new character Caleb Nichols played by Aaron Paul a human long overlooked by and by dreams of regaining power. The duo bond and both Bernard and Maeve are their main enemies as they try to stop them before they set humanity on fire. The season ended on a somber note as Dolores was keen to bring Caleb the information that will herald the end of it all and its important to note that even though Dolores died in the shocking Season 3 finale Wood came as a brand into the series returns. New characters in season 4.

Theres a lot to process before we move on and Westworld Season 4 is sure to have even more complicated mazelike storylines and loopholes that will mess with our perception of reality. Coming soon to HBO Max heres all the information you need to watch Season 4.

Westworld Season 4 will premiere on HBO Max on Sunday June 26 2022. Similar to Season 3 this season will also feature eight hour long episodes as opposed to the 10episode arcs in Seasons 1 and 2. The series will release episodes on HBO Max will air weekly and the finale will air Sunday April 14 aired in April. Aired in August. To watch the series viewers must subscribe to the HBO Max streaming service. It can also be viewed on Hulu and Roku with an HBO Max subscription.


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