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Dont compare the invasion of Ukraine to World War I says historian Sleepwalker.

A leading historian of the outbreak of World War I has urged admirers of his work in the German political elite not to draw comparisons to the conflict in Ukraine warning that the parallels between 1914 and 2022 are flawed.Christopher Clarks account of the complex logic behind the entry of each major player into the global conflict The Sleepwalkers How Europe Went to War in 1914 was an international bestseller when it was published in 2013 particularly in Germany where it provided a counterpoint to a dominant national war debt narrative and has sold over 350000 copies.

Sleepwalkers found particularly eager readers among German politicians. Angela Merkel asked her ministers to read the book Chancellor FrankWalter Steinmeier invited Clark to a debate on the art of diplomacy and former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt who died in 2014 drew parallels in his most recent article for the period between 1914 and 1914 in Ukraine Crisis titled Us Sleepwalkers.

In a confidential conversation with the international media in recent weeks Chancellor Olaf Scholz cited Clarks book as a case study of how irresponsible politicians can use bellicose rhetoric to drive each other into conflicts that do not serve their own interests. . He reportedly assured other journalists that he would not become a Kaiser Wilhelm the German Emperor who led his country to war.

But Clark stressed that the dynamics behind the outbreak of World War I bear little resemblance to the current situation in Ukraine. People dont want to take a step forward they dont want to stick their heads over the parapet they dont want to risk climbing the Australian historian told the Guardian in an interview in Berlin. In the German case it is easy to understand why people are afraid there.

So they gradually attend to an event that demonstrates the dangers of hasty action 1914 of course serves that purpose. The only problem with 1914 is that the analogy is very flawed.There is no analogy between 1914 and the situation in Ukraine today Clark said. The First World War began in an incredibly complex way. While the invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and this year is clearly about a breach of the peace by a single power.Its a completely different situation. There is no crisis in the Balkans there is no wantwantdontwant sequence of decisions. Europe is not split into a binary pair of alliances. Russia isolated this time at least in Europe.

Clark also rejected comparisons between the current geopolitical situation and that on the eve of World War II favored by those who accuse Berlin of placating Moscow. I dont see it as 1938 either and Putin isnt like Hitler he said.Hitler had a deeply racist philosophy in which the Germans were a biomass that would spread across the European continent. A better analogy would be the Russian opportunist attacks of the 19th century which we in the West dont know much about because they were at the expense of the Ottoman Empire. The world as a whole is becoming more and more like the 19th century multipolar and unpredictable.

Clark who was knighted by the Queen in 2015 for his contributions to AngloGerman relations expressed sympathy for the plight of Social Democrat Scholz who has been criticized for delays in delivering promised military support to Kyiv.Frustration with German subterfuges was not a new phenomenon he said citing a London Times editorial in the runup to the Crimean War of 1853 that urged Prussia to ally itself more closely with forwardlooking European powers. The impatience that Germany is scratching its head is not new either.

What is often overlooked he said is a centuriesold division between the German intelligentsia between those committed to an alliance with France and Britain and those who believed that Prussia or Germany should never do anything that the Russians should do would not be satisfied. .If there is an outside threat most political systems will respond by banding together Clark said. But in Germany this topic cannot be overlooked. The Russian question divides the country.

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