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Why 1000Lb Sisters Fans Think Tammy Slaton Has No SelfControl

Tammy Slaton from 1000lb Sisters cant get past her bad habits. Will she ever find the motivation to turn her life around and take accountability?

Tammy Slaton from 1000lb Sisters hasnt had an easy road in life. Her weight has put her health in jeopardy she has a strained relationship with her family and her love life has been a disaster. Unfortunately she hasnt made any effort toward making the necessary changes to turn her life around.

Her food addiction has gotten the best of her as she constantly gives in to her cravings and indulges her unhealthy appetite. Her physical and mental health is spiraling out of control as the numbers on the scale continue to rise. Her family has tried to constantly intervene and help Tammy in any way they can but it hasnt made a difference. The 1000lb Sisters star has lived this way for so long and fans are wondering why Tammy doesnt want better for herself. Shes had every opportunity to change her lifes trajectory. Lets take a look at why Tammy hasnt taken the steps needed toward a happy and healthy future.

Tammy Doesnt Take Accountability

Tammy has no one to blame but herself for the choices that she has made. Instead of taking accountability for her actions the 1000lb Sisters star believes the fault lies with everyone around her. While her sister Amy Slaton has made significant strides in her weight loss journey Tammy is at a standstill. Tammy refuses to change her eating habits or follow any type of exercise regimen. Instead of admitting that her lifestyle is the reason why she isnt seeing any progress she blames Amy for the food that she buys for her.

Tammy Has A Victim Mentality

Tammy truly believes that everyone is against her and that she receives no support or encouragement. She plays the victim constantly on 1000lb Sisters and doesnt give her family credit for all they have tried to do for her. Amy has been with Tammy since the beginning of her weight loss journey cheering her on and being a constant source of help. Her brother Chris Combs has also always been by her side and worked with her to help motivate Tammy to get healthy and lose weight. None of it ever seems to be enough for Tammy as she continues to criticize them and direct her anger at them for her failures.

Tammy Has No Desire To Change

It is evident Tammy doesnt have any desire to change. It is easier for her to remain angry because it is more work to change her deepseated behavior. There arent many options left for Tammy as everyone has exhausted their resources trying different approaches. The 1000 lb Sisters star has had a tailored exercise and diet plan a supportive family an inhome nurse therapy and rehab. Her family made sure she went to every doctors appointment did her grocery shopping and helped cook her meals. They even frequently encouraged her to be more independent by pushing her to get her own mail and use an electric wheelchair.

Tammy wants a better life for herself but nobody can make it happen for her without her doing anything. Her life is going to continue to pass her by while she sits on the sidelines if she doesnt take action. Tammy needs to learn to rely on herself instead of everyone else around her. Her entitled attitude aggressive behavior and lack of motivation are standing in her way. At the end of the day the 1000lb Sisters star is to blame for her own actions and the outcomes that have resulted from them.

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