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When to start Southern Charm Season 8? 30

The Bravo reality show Southern Charm is coming up with a new season this week.Financial 8 premieres on January 23 2022 at 9pm with one hour episode. Viewers in this new scene and the new combination you can expect when the promise of dramatic and fun air from the back 2021The official summary of Season 8 of Southern Charm is as followsNew relationships open up and old ones emerge as these Southern socialites change into romantic confusions chaotic friendships growing businesses and changing parents.

Southern Charm Season 8 cast
New members of the Charleston stars Ma Marcy Hobbes Olivia Flowers and Chloe Reel Shaw Nomi Olindo who will be launching the Southern Charm Scene 8K and the returning cast members in the context of Craig Craneur Wa Bonaparte Sutton Kroll and Dand Serieg regular cover. Back in this scene show Jay Taylor Anne Green and Vanita Aspen or remember the most frequently mistaken

The official version of Season 8 adds

Charleston Grand Dame Patricia Altschill is back with her son Whitney Siddler Smith who wastes no time in destroying the group. John Pringle is also involved in the bands movements.What to expect from Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 1?The premiere of Southern Charm Sine 8 titled Great Executions will be a regular attraction in new dramas. The first installment will also feature Catherine Dennis 30th birthday party

A preview says that this exgirlfriend Madisons gent of the year then turns the scene into a strange hug between the excouple.In another preview video Shepp Craig and Austin talk about names Madison and Catherine. Craig told the boys he didnt like the tub and was surprised to see Madison at the party. Sheep asked Craig if she and Nami were intimate at the time of the meeting and Southern Charm said yes.

Here is the official summary of Season 8 Episode 1After a tumultuous year Charlestons team is back and ready for a fresh start. But someone in the group is ready to accept the olive branch.He also saysWhile Sheppard and Taylor are playing at home Austin is ready to leave Madison with a new love. Can ruin lifeThe latter is currently dating Summer House Saf Sorbo who also appeared in Scene 8. Craig as De Sorbos Boyfriend last season as Summer Sorbos Boyfriend. At one point Sorbo was seen fighting for dating the former Naomi.Viewers will be able to watch the drama starting at 9pm on Friday June 23 2022 at Bobraw.

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