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Westworld is back online

Let me ask that a Westworld character asks two other weather events from last season. Has your life changed since we destroyed these machines?If you have to be asked the answer is obvious not much either for the character in the quest or for the show they lead. Over the course of three seasons Westworld has repeatedly set up a series of seismic reversals. First the hosts of its namesake theme park gained awareness then they will turn their flesh and bring guests Eventually theyll escape completely planning to revolutionize two robots for the real world and upping the ante accordingly. Last season he ended up killing a key character a commitment his creators will insist he keep. Each time Westworld provokes a journey into uncharted territory.

But in its fourth installment opening this Sunday Westworld looks terribly familiar. A woman played by Evan Rachel Wood lives a routine life that is not what it seems. The protagonists pontificate ad nauseam about this world. Fly tests serve once again as a symbol of bad press. And not the most symbolic throwback of all Westworld returns to the park where its two guest houses are punctuated by vintage covers by pop artists like Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish. After making the grand gesture of evolving beyond its initial setting Westworld ends up going back to where it started.

As the quote above suggests it could be argued that Westworld is intentionally repeated in the service of a larger point. The show has never explored the ethics or philosophy of artificial intelligence as deeply as its premise allows more often than not conjuring up the idea of hosts and humans trapped in a loop – trapped in a status quo by forces beyond their control. The hosts of course are programmed by humans to follow the parks stories the humans as revealed last season were either under or under the control of Rehoboam a supercomputer that secretly manipulated world affairs before its destruction. Reversal constant in a certain light just underlines or themes there is now a fine line between highlighting an issue and being a part of it.

So once again Westworld was enough for viewers to enjoy their eldests banners. In the world of the show we find that seven years have passed since the events of the previous finale a postcredits dinner to which a host covered in poetry agreed suggested a timeless leap was in the works. In the realworld timeline its been just over two years an extended absence from the pandemic not much more than the 20month hiatus between seasons 2 and 3 a byproduct of the shows two very high production values. and entanglement. labyrinthine. Even without social distancing take the time to build a maze.

Westworld had already passed the peak of its cultural relevance before its extended break. The ratings for last seasons final episode were down nearly 20% from the previous season or what for the time was a decline from the first season. And anticipation for season four doesnt seem especially high The recent Google Trends program graph an imperfect and most useful metric is essentially a flat line. Tie Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are busy with other activities. Joy made her acting debut less than a year ago to mixed reviews She and Nolan have also signed a ninefigure deal with Amazon where they are producing an adaptation of William Gibsons novel The Peripheral starring Chloë Grace Moretz and another of the hit game series Fallout with Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell. two yellow jackets. Its been so much more than just Westworld on their plates. And if Nolan and Joy have already started to move forward surely some fans will follow suit.

Mystery boxes require effort to open. Thats the fun of them provide an extracurricular activity to fill in or time between episodes. The longer Westworld lasts the less it relies on information gathering rather than direct storytelling. Forming enigmas like Man in Black Ed Harris or Charlotte Hale Tessa Thompson are now just clones of Woods original Dolores Abernathy turning oncedark motivations into a simple desire to kill humans and create more hosts. The show still has convolution in its DNA making subframes asynchronous for no obvious reason but just forcing the habit. The revelation that Jimmi Simpsons character was actually a younger version of Harris worked in season one so Westworld continues to stick to events. In 2022 this raises a very important question enough Westworld audiences. . still available

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