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The Marvel Universe is growing and Dakota Fanning could be a fantastic foursome

Before we get carried away with the rumour there are two key questions. The first spin around the challenge the Marvel franchise had to overcome and didnt by granting parallel universes impossible worlds nigh-unthinkable powers and a cast with exquisitely luxurious actors. The answer will not surprise you none. The second question is about the actress or actor who in their right mind refused to be a part even for a moment or a brief scene of the great expanding Marvel Universe. This answer wont surprise you either none.

And it is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding after the end of the Infinity Saga and after the deletion of Phase 4 or new titles are of sorts with their properties that debut like Moon Knight or Mrs.Marvel. In reality the acquisition of Fox by Disney essentially amounts to this operation the mark directed by Kevin Feige to develop the film Fantastic Four or X-Men.

The Fantastic Four.
The first family of comics already had a nod in the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where John Krasinski embodies the most intelligent human being on the planet Reed Richards. Mr. Fantastic didnt end well in the film more than a year in the past with lessons to understand the importance of the project for Kevin Feige.Now a version of Giant Freakin Robot hints at the possibility that Dakota Fanning was part of the Fantastic Four movie that was recently directed by director Jon Watts more clearly in development at Marvel.

Will he share a cast with John Krasinski? In the graphic novels the original versions of these heroes had a similar age gap to these actors.Fantastic Four tells the story of a family exposed to cosmic rays which alter their molecular structure giving them special powers. Reed Richards has become a rubber man Sue Storm could become invisible and the kind of champions of strength Johnny Storm is a human torch and Ben Grimm takes the worst when he undergoes a drastic change as The Thing.

Dakota Fanning.
Dakota Fanning started her career in the Hollywood industry for three years and her credits include such titles as Man on Fire War of the Worlds I Am Sam The Alienist Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Heroes and The Cat among others. . Shes a threesome actress whos worked with some of the biggest figures in the industry and will be a great addition to the MCU.

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