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Thanos Infinity Saga Was Just The Prologue To The Avengers Multiversal War

Recent issues of Marvel Comics Avengers have seen Mephisto gearing up for a major multiversal war and the Infinity Gauntlet was the prologue.

While the last few years of Marvels Avengers comics are building a major multiversal war on the horizon with Mephisto at the center Thanos and the iconic Infinity Gauntlet storyline have become its secret prologue. Given the revelation that Mephisto has been working on his dark ending for years a new layer of context has formed regarding his time in service to the Mad Titan and what his true intentions might have been. However the connection between the Infinity Gauntlet and the upcoming battle needs to be made clearer.

Since Jason Aarons run on Avengers which began in 2018 the demon lord Mephisto has been the man behind the curtain at various events such as The Age of Khonshu Heroes Reborn and more such as when he assembled a Multiversal Masters of Evil to kill to the Avengers teams. through the worlds leaving the main 616 Avengers for last. As such it all leads up to a major showdown between Mephisto and the Avengers which will also feature the Council of Reds a legion of Mephisto who have banded together from different universes.

Apparently Mephisto has always been building towards this impending war going so far as to secretly shape past events as he sees fit such as sowing mistrust between the Hulk and the first slate of Avengers to limit his power. his role as the Infinity Gauntlet with Thanos in a new light. Published in 1991 by Jim Starlin George Pérez and Ron Lim Mephisto was the first to serve the Mad Titan as one of his disciples aiding him in his quest to subjugate the universe with the Infinity Stones that Thanos had collected.

While some would assume that Mephisto was helping Thanos secure his position in the new universal order while waiting before stealing the gauntlet to simply gain more power neither option seems likely now that the multiversal finale has been revealed. of the. As such its much more likely that Mephistos motivations stem from a desire to sabotage Thanoss plans in order to maintain his own all while hes pretending to be a faithful servant.

While its certainly the most likely reason Mephisto would work for Thanos during the Infinity Gauntlet it would be nice if Marvel Comics had time to make that supposed link a more concrete connection in current affairs. In the context of Mephistos longstanding coup in the Marvel Universe the demon lord was likely working for Thanos to ensure that his own plan was still possible. Its a really cool connection that can be easily lost.

Logically Mephistos multiversal war with the Avengers has everything he needs to be another official Infinity War sequel. All he needs now is confirmation from current writer Jason Aaron and Marvel Comics. Thanos being in control of all of existence and reality would no doubt have worked against Mephisto and his plans but this epic connection needs to be established squarely in future issues of Avengers lest it be lost.

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