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Red Dead Redemption Fans Discuss Original Does Better Than RDR2

Seems empty Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of Rockstars most popular and successful games eaten today. Games are approved more in recent years are approved and a monumental addition to Game Pass PS Plus Extra and more no time period. Part of the reason it works so well is because of its emotional charge and its connection to the original Red Dead.Both games are great but each is great for different reasons. Redditor TXNOGG knowing this asked the community what they think the first game did better than the sequel.

Because it took a while many Red Dead Redemption 2 fans had something to say.Not all of the responses come as a surprise with several accolades or Undead Nightmare of Red Dead Redemption DLC. It was incredibly popular at launch but for some reason Rockstar doesnt seem interested in making an Undead Nightmare 2 for RDR2. Some of the answers boiled down to small details or mechanics such as being able to wear ponchos radiant style missions that allowed RDR1 to live such as rewards night watch breeding the livestock horse training and executions in combat.

Others would add other important details like like ambient music Liars Dice like John age when hes drunk going to Mexico in Red Dead and much more. Some also shared how they understood what features a fame meter wasnt in Red Dead Redemption 2 due to its particular story and how each games specific western vibe impacted some of its moments.Read any form or the Reddit topic is full of insightful comments on Red Dead Redemption 1 features missing in Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto 6 is fully released so maybe the company could look into some of those beloved features and add them to the news too.

There are also constant rumors of a Red Dead Redemption 1 remaster or remake though none have proven to be true. Still if Red Dead Redemption 1 has been remade with the attention to detail that Red Dead Redemption 2 offers plus all those wonderful gameplay elements it seems clear that a remake of RDR1 could be another big hit for Rockstar. Of course whether or not that happens is up in the air.

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