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Neil Gaiman Netflixs The Sandman Will Hit You Like A Truck

After spending decades rejecting poor proposals for adaptations of The Sandman author Neil Gaiman is finally seeing his beloved comic come to life in live action thanks to Netflix. Coming in August The Sandman is one of the most anticipated shows of the year. The show will terrify you surprise you make you cry and more. For Gaiman the most important thing about adapting his seminal comic was that it had to be done right. In the past it has stopped the TV and big screen versions from advancing. With the new adaptation becoming the most expensive TV show DC Entertainment has ever produced theres no doubt that Netflix is the perfect home for the adaptation.

Gaiman knows a lot about booktoscreen adaptations he has been involved to varying degrees in adaptations of American Gods Good Omens Coraline and more. Youve had a lot of success with them but you know how a bad fit can have adverse effects on the property as a whole. There was certainly a bit of apprehension before embarking on the Netflix version.I had no faith that we would ever get here Gaiman told Total Film. But I had faith that the important thing was to stop making bad versions. Once a bad version is made you never come back from it.

It may sound silly but when I was 14 or 15 my favorite comic was Howard The Duck. Steve Gerber Gene Colan Frank Brunner satire madness glory… I was so excited when I heard that George Lucas was making a movie. And then A New Breed Of Hero came out. Howard The Duck has become a bad joke. I never wanted that to happen with Sandman and Ive seen scripts that would make it happen.

The Sandman is a story that transcends space and time myth and legend. No two episodes are the same whether historical fiction horror or one of the many other genres intertwined in the plot. Anyone who watches episode 1 and says I like it! This is like a great historical drama only with a little bit of stuff hidden in it… you wont know whats coming. The rest of the Sandman will. hit them like a truck.

Episode 6 will kiss you and make you better. As traumatized as you were at age 5 Episode 6 will have you awkwardly rubbing your eyes to cover up the fact that youre crying because oh my God this feels so good.If Gaiman is happy with the result of the show I hope the fans can relax. I cant promise that this is the Sandman of your dreams but I can promise that Im proud of what weve done. I can tell you are waiting for Stephen Fry as Gilbert Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian the serial killer convention…

Check out this new image of the Sandman!
When Morpheus escapes his prison from Roderick Burgess Charles Dance and his group of occultists he returns to his dream realm the place we go when we fall asleep. However in his absence he finds that his kingdom has fallen into disuse. In this latest scene released by Total Film we see him sitting inside his broken kingdom with his resident librarian Lucienne Vivienne Acheampong beside him. Take a look here.


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