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Marvels Blade Reboot Actress Milan Ray has been chosen as the key character.

Marvel Studios Blade was the most patiently produced film in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The winner on the Hall H stage was Mehrshala Ali who completed the panel by confirming his status as MCUs Eric Brooks.

Chatter on Blade remained idle for most of 2020 but things went up significantly in the second half of 2021. A few months ago Marvel tapped Bassam Tariq the director of Mogul Mowgli to handle the project. That Blade made its unofficial debut in Eternals. From there Eternal costar Kit Harrington reportedly joined Blades cast while The Five Bloods star Delroy Lindo formally entered the set.Just two weeks before production on Blade a remarkable new name has been signed into the film. According to sources in The Direct Milan Ray has been cast as a key character in Marvel Studios Blade.

Details about Rays character which have not been confirmed by Disney and Marvel are being kept secret.Ray 14 currently joins the small cast which currently includes only Mahershala Ali Delray Lindo and Aaron Pierre Krypton. Given the age of Milan Ray there are indications that she is wearing the dress of Fallon Gray the daughter of Blade. On the page Gray is described as a popular 16yearold girl from Oregon whose life is turned upside down when she discovers her own series of vampire hunters which leads her to a monster hunting adventure with her father. Leads to

The character was announced during the San Diego Comic Con 2015 as the centerpiece of a new Marvel Comics series but will never be printed. Many criticized the fact that a white male creative team had to tell the story of Gree. Writer Tim Sally and artist Logan Farber dropped out of the project prompting Marvel Comics to end the run. Instead of leaving the character entirely on the floor of the cutting room Marvel Studios may see its live action blade reboot as a place to finally bring Fallon Gray to life. Further proof of Rays role is in a project which was rejected by the main man Mehrshala Ali.

In February 2021 it was reported that the famous actor had been offered the lead role in HBOs The Last of Us a TV adaptation of the 2013 hit video game. The game follows the pair of Joel and his daughter Surrogate Ellie when they visit. Postapocalyptic world affected by zombies.Alis decision to star in The Last of You is very similar to his story as Marvel Studios did for Blade. Sure zombies and vampires are different animals but they are cut with the same cloth. Toss the fatherdaughter relationship as the central point of this story and it is clear that there are many striking similarities between the next two projects.

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