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Maisie Williams fortune how much money has the Game of Thrones star already accumulated

Maisie Williams started and rose to fame for her role as Arya Stark on HBOs hit series Game of Thrones. Since then she has established herself in the world of entertainment carrying out here and there various television and film projects.She has been in the business for 11 years and earns several credits to her name. How much net worth has Maisie Williams already amassed from her growing success?

Maisie Williams success in Game of Thrones
The star now 25s first acting venture was Game of Thrones. At the time she was only 12 years old but she managed to establish herself as a talented young actress by playing one of the most important characters in the series.

In fact she did most of her own stunts and fight scenes including her fights in the episode Long Battle the longest running battle scene in film and television history. She was a part of the series throughout the eighth season. Other acting adventures of Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams did other acting opportunities while directing Game of Thrones. She appeared in the British series The Secret of Crickley Hall in 2012 and had a major film appearance in The Falling in 2014.

She then did Gold and four episodes of Dr. Who in the following years. His next project was the Netflix movie iBoy followed by Mary Shelley and Early Man all in 2017.YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Kate Bush net worth How much is the singersongwriter earning in rising resurgence?She then lent her voice to the film I and You in 2018 followed by Then Came You in 2019.She continued her acting career and lent her voice to the animated web series genLOCK. In 2020 she directed the Disney film The New Mutants.

Maisie Williams brand endorsements and other companies
Apart from acting Maisie Williams also earns well from her brand endorsements and has a lot of them.She did an ad for Audi for the 2020 Super Bowl followed by an ad for Apples Macbook line. The same year she was named Cartiers new brand ambassador.After a year she became H&ampMs global sustainability ambassador although she sparked controversy over the brands lack of commitment to global sustainability. They have also been accused of greenwashing.READ MORE Billie Eilish MakeUp Heres the secret to Ocean Eyes Hitmakers nomakeup signature

In the meantime buoyed by her success she founded her own production company Daisy Chain Productions focusing primarily on making short films feature films and drama series in the UK.She also founded her own social media app Daisie in 2018 to help artists launch their careers on a platform that connects them to projects and lets them showcase their work.

Maisie Williams Salary and Net Worth on Game of Thrones
At the height of Game of Thrones the actress earned around $150000 per episode. Since each season had about 10 episodes its revenue was around $1.5 million per season.These earnings along with her other projects and ventures help Maisie Williams amass a net worth of $6 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

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