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Love Victor stars and producers discuss beautiful series finale

All in Love Victor had a happy ending in the series finale but while Hulus LGBTQ+ romcom officially ended after three seasons the lives of the characters are just beginning.Season 3 featured many ups and downs both romantic and otherwise for Victor Michael Cimino and his friends dele but by the end of the finale the titular teen was reunited with his first love dele Benji George Sear. on the iconic ferries. wheel. It was the culmination of three seasons of willtheywontthey after Victor came out and Benji struggled with his sobriety in him but for now at least his love story in him had a happily ever after conclusion.

One of the really nice things about the ending is the feeling that everything is going to be okay executive producer Brian Tanen tells EW. Were throwing these kids out into the world they have journeys that are complete but also life happens and things may not be perfect but these kids have grown up with the tools they need to process relationship issues and work through them on the other side. Victor now feels like a really mature and uptodate person so my expectation is that now hes going to have a successful college career and end up doing something that he loves. He knows who he is and he really didnt at the beginning of the show.

Below the stars and producers of Love Victor discusses that beautiful and perfect ending to the series and more. Final. And as soon as that happy moment comes when Victor chooses Benji hes right back to more challenges for them. It was interesting to be able to explore all these separate things with our characters. In previous seasons most of the time they are together or in scenes together so it was interesting to explore the characters individually and then how that affected the relationship when they got back together.

MICHAEL CIMINO Victor They needed some time to understand themselves. I think that is such an important message to share. Benji needed some time to fix some things in his life and Victor needed to do the same and explore life and gain more experience before committing to a person. Instead of saying you are my person by naivety it is he is my person by experience.

SEAR They had different emotional needs. Your partner cant always be that person who will meet all your needs and hes young hes his first love him so yes Michael is right its important for them to have that first and then be able to bond. as a unit ANTHONY KEYVAN Rahim I didnt know until we got the script who Victor chose. I know it was a very difficult decision for the studio and for the writers room and Im not going to lie I was a little bummed out. But Im so thankful that regardless of the outcome of the love triangle the writers found an incredible place in the story for Rahim. I was reminded that this character is immensely important. They supported me in that way through the writers room that brought up Rahim and showed things that other characters couldnt show or represent on screen.

I feel like in a way moving away from the love triangle gave Rahim the opportunity to become completely independent and we got to see sides of him that we wouldnt have been able to if things were different. Although he hurt me a little bit I was very very happy with how things turned out and I feel like it was for the best.After Victor chose Benji they immediately had more problems when Benji relapsed. Why did you want to separate them again for most of the final season?

ISAAC APTAKER Executive Producer Especially on the Victor side of things his coming out of him was simultaneous with his relationship with Benji so he never got a chance to explore who he was as a single gay person in the world. We felt like until he goes on that journey and he really sees what thats like how could he really be with Benji? I know people who married their high school sweetheart but I know very few people who didnt pause and explore and figure out who they were as an independent person so season 3 was really about Victor going through that process.

ELIZABETH BERGER Executive Producer It was also very exciting for us to be able to tell a backstory of Benji and give fans this glimpse of who he was before he met Victor. Its something we havent seen before. And also to have the space to see a Benji growth story its really up to him ultimately in this season to figure out what he wants and whats best for him. He has many voices in his ear by him telling him what is best for him and what he needs but really

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