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All 8 Seasons of The Vampire Diaries Seasons, Ranked

How to choose how to choose.

Nearly half a decade after its finale The Vampire Diaries remains a fan favorite. While the shows original storyline comprised the return of Damon Ian Somerhalder and Stefan Wesley to their vampire hometown Mystic Falls the later seasons featured all forms of supernatural creatures until Matt Donovan Zach Roerig was the last human standing.The show was quick to gain popularity as compared to other shows of its time and had some amazing seasons that loyal fans still go to rewatch. Still some eras were greater than the others.One of the most disappointing seasons of the show Season 5 was low on excitement as The Originals left Mystic Falls. The season features the 100th episode in the series and Qetsiyah Janina Gavankar finally solves the mystery that has long hovered over the doppelgangers.

Though an epic season for Delena fans as their romance grows highlights this round showed the series to be in a bit of a rut.The first few episodes of the show hooked a lot of fans but it’s hard to argue that the show gathers its balance a little after its landing. While it explained the backstory of Damon Stefan and Katherine Nina Dobrev it relied heavily on jump scares in the early daysStill after Elenas introduction to the supernatural world the season never lets you down. While the season is great and eventually goes up it almost has you giving up on it in the first few episodes.

The final season of The Vampire Diaries provided a pretty solid farewell for longtime fans. Sybil Nathalie Kelley as a villain was not appreciated much and Cades Wolé Parks arrival wasn’t much of an improvement either. Enzos Malarkey death and Stefans actions left the viewers stunned. The show got resuscitated with Katherines comeback as a villain. Even after eight seasons she remained to be one of the best villains on the show.The show bid goodbye to the screens after providing fitting endings to characters and a glimpse into their happy afterlives. Season 8 definitely left the series on a fairly high note, satisfying many loose plot threads along the way.

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