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TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Review – The Reason Online Netcode is Important

Folks this is going to be one of those articles. I went into a netcode rant when reviewing Phantom Breaker Omnia because its delay based netcode was one of the main reasons I could not even play against other players.

I do not have any attachment to the TMNT either since I was never interested in them and only played the arcade games back in the day. But the second I heard that TMNT Shredders Revenge would have rollback netcode my gaze was fixed straight at it.As more news regarding TMNT appeared my interest continued to be piqued. I mean I am sure a lot of TMNT fans would have gushed at seeing Casey Jones becoming a playable character which you have to unlock first in the full game the fact that it uses the classic cartoons voice cast or even that it was going to pull an X-Men on us and become a 6-player fare. But the one aspect that mattered to me the most was the netcode.

Then something else made me go crazy for this game and it was the return of hybrid co-op. You see the Internet and the industry have always made it seem like when it comes to multiplayer players would have to choose between couch co op and online. But really I never understood why this was a thing. Players can complete their parties with a friend and all. I do not see why they would not be able to play locally alongside other friends online.Regardless this is a game I was heavily interested in. When Dotemu and Tribute Games allowed us to review TMNT Shredders Revenge I jumped on it as soon as possible. I had to find out whether this games netcode would actually be good because if the pandemic taught us anything its that the netcode infrastructure is as important as the game itself especially if it was a multiplayer element.

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