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The Conjuring 4 Supernatural Ed and Lorraine Cases the Franchise Should Use Next

The Conjuring franchise is loved and feared around the world. Here are a few Ed and Lorraine Warren cases that can possibly inspire another movie. Warner Bros. Pictures The Conjuring cinematic universe created by filmmaker James Wan is one of the most profitable horror franchises of all time. Following the reallife cases of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren the couples dynamic combined with terrifying demonic entities gained fans worldwide. Currently there are eight movies set in this shared universe.

The franchise continues to progress with the religious horror of The Nun 2 already in preproduction. The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It was released last year but fans are already eager to watch a new installment following their favorite supernatural couple. There have been no confirmations if there will be a fourth installment but both lead actors of the movies Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson and director Michael Chaves have said that they would love to be back and do another film with Chaves saying that there are a lot of things still left to explore about the couple and their cases.

The reallife investigators worked on hundreds of cases and a few were extremely famous investigations such as the truestory Amityville case the audience can see Lorraine inside the house at the beginning of The Conjuring 2. There is a huge amount of source material to draw from most of which it must be said has been called a hoax or fabricated but these are a few of the most interesting possible cases that can inspire another movie.

West Point Academy

In the seventies the couple received an unusual call from the military they wanted them to investigate a matter of security in one of the homes inside the military facility. The Warrens went to the place and found out weird things were happening inside one of the Superintendents houses things went missing wallets money etc. the bed in the basement was always unmade even though someone did it every day and so on. After discovering what happened they asked them to return when they could because there was another ghost in a different location at the camp.

The Fosters Christmas Present

In 1978 Ed and Lorraine were asked to help the Foster family who were experiencing weird and scary things in their house. Arriving at their house Lorraine quickly sensed a demonic entity. When Ed was asking his usual questions before starting the investigation he found out the reason for their haunting the demon had been summoned by the daughter of the family.

She was always interested in the occult and witchcraft so for her Christmas present her mom got her a book with various rituals to summon demons. She did a few and got no result until she did. Her room where she did the conjuring was the most active in the house. The daughter and her brother were the ones most targeted by the entity even having to frantically flee the house in order for it not to harm them.

Carlsons Inn

The Carlson couple bought an old inn in New England. The husband was away most of the time leaving his wife alone in the new property with their new baby and older daughter. Soon the family started to hear the sound of steps in the part of the inn where guests used to stay. They discovered that the workers who lived on the property also heard footsteps. This quickly escalated to blankets being pulled during the night unintelligible whispers temperature drops etc. It became unbearable to live in the inn so the couple called Ed and Lorraine who discovered an extremely dark entity on the property.

Southend Werewolf

One of Warrens most perplexing cases happened in Essex England in 1989. Ed and Lorraine traveled to Europe to help a man named William Ramsey who said that a demon had possessed him when he was a child forcing him to become a werewolf. He had fits of rage with inhuman force when he took the form of a werewolf. The Warrens had to take him back to the US and do an exorcism on the man. This would be an interesting case to be seen on the big screen especially if the producers want to do something very different from the other movies in the franchise.

Union Cemetery

Situated in Connecticut is a Union Cemetery which dates back to the 1700s and is considered a hot spot for ghosts. There are two famous hauntings in the cemetery The White Lady and Red Eyes. There is no official record of whom these ghosts might have been but feeling observed hot breaths on peoples necks and fullbody apparitions are only a few experiences people have on the grounds. Ed and Lorraine visited the cemetery several times. They were one of the reasons why the cemetery became so famous in the ghosthunting community. Apparently the Warrens caught such clear evidence in a video of said hauntings that Lorraine locked it away for no one to see.

The Donovan Haunting

This haunting began in the mid1970s after a teenage girl decided to use an Ouija board. She believed to be contacting the spirit of a boy who passed away. For a whole year she talked to the boy using the board and gradually fell in love with him until horrible things started to happen to her and her family. The Warrens had to fight hard to keep this demonic entity at bay and prevent it to hurt the family further.

Smurl Family

In 1974 the couple traveled to West Pittston Pennsylvania to investigate a haunted house. Much like in The Conjuring a family moves to an old haunted house when terrifying things start to happen. But unlike the Perron family shown in the movie that started the Conjuring cinematic universe this one was dealing with an inhuman spirit capable of doing great harm. Their dog and one of their kids were thrown against a wall one of the family members had a part of their ear bitten off and the daughter was thrown down the stairs.

Snedeker House

It may be another haunting in a house that started with a new family moving in this time in 1986 but this case is anything but ordinary. After discovering mortuary tools in the basement the Snedeker couple had a mortifying realization their house used to be a funeral parlor. Visions of ghosts the smell of rotting flesh and even sexual assault were a few things experienced by the family when dealing with the ghosts still living in the house. The story quickly became even darker when the Warrens realized the old owners used to do unholy things with the bodies that were sent to the funeral parlor. The tale was told in the film The Haunting in Connecticut but that was widely considered to be a critical disaster so incorporating this story into The Conjuring universe could do it justice.

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