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Prince Harry and Meghan Markles Meeting with Prince Charles Had No Real Breakthrough Expert Says

After the Service of Thanksgiving honoring Her Majesty on June 3—part of the fourday Platinum Jubilee festivities—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted leaving Prince Charles and Camillas London home Clarence House. Many royal followers hoped that the meeting would produce a step forward in the recently rocky relationship between the Prince of Wales and the Sussexes—but it seems the opposite occurred.
Well I understand that it was a perfunctory meeting and that there was no real breakthrough royal expert Christopher Andersen says on a recent episode of the Royally Us podcast per OK!. And I have a feeling that Prince Harry definitely went there hoping for some sort of rapprochement but there were no touchyfeely vibes coming back in his direction. So I think the curtain has come down.

Andersen who has written extensively about Princess Diana says that the friction between father and son would have been upsetting to the late Princess of Wales.
And one of the things I think is so sad about this is Diana were she alive today would be heartbroken by this he says. She would have understood why Harry would have wanted to make his own life and wanted to go to California. But she always saw Harry as you know as Williams wingman. She always said My boys are my revenge.

And what she meant by that was that as a team they would go on and carry the monarchy forward into a more modern era. But now it just looks like its going to be William and Kate and their kids. Marie Claire reported that Harry and Meghans visit to the U.K. earlier this month likely wasnt what they hoped it would be not just in terms of Charles but on the whole with the entire royal family.

I think he [Harry] would have been very very upset that he was largely ignored royal expert Angela Levin told The Sun per OK!. He still feels hes owed an apology. But hes the one who should apologize. He said during the Oprah interview that Charles and William were trapped. He said hed been cut off by his father. According to a friend of Harrys older brother Prince William—who despite hopeful reports to the contrary he still seems to be feuding with—the Duke of Cambridge is still bothered by the fallout with the Duke of Sussex. Hes still deeply upset about it and feels let down Williams friend told The Times per The Mirror. But hes moved on.

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