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Power Book II Ghost season 3 Will it set the stage for a spinoff?

Were hopefully going to have a chance to see Power Book II Ghost season 3 at some point later this year but will it set the stage for something more?

To be specific are we finally going to get something that brings us a little bit closer to the longawaited Power Book V Force? This show was announced some time ago and yet there has barely been any news out there about it. Heck we have our questions as to whether or not its even happening. Take a look at our Power Book II Ghost season 2 finale review! There is a lot that we get into below including the death of Zeke. Once you watch remember SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube to see our coverage of it and the rest of the Power universe.

Given that we did see a good bit of Rashad Tate during the second season of the drama its fair to assume that hell still have more of a role to play here — or at the very least thats what we hope. This is a guy who still wants to be a part of Congress and impact the future in a big selfish way … and we tend to think that hell make at least some of his dreams into a reality.

If the Influence spinoff is in fact still happening we really think that time is of the essence here! Theres no better opportunity than the present to get this thing off the ground and we hope that in season 3 well get a better sense of what that would look like and who the players are beyond just Tate. That is of course provided that we still get to see the character around in some capacity. Tates season 3 involvement remains unclear.

What do you think were going to be seeing when it comes to Power Book II Ghost season 3?

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