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Mel Gibson: His 30 best movies to see and watch again

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson better known as Mel Gibson is an American actor born on January 3, 1956 in the state of New York, who is also a screenwriter, producer and director.

The role that made him famous in 1979 was Mad Max. He is one of the highest paid actors in American cinema. As a director, he had notable successes such as Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, You shall not kill. He has won a multitude of awards during his career and has been nominated several times, both as a director and as an actor. Let’s discover 30 of the best films of this renowned actor.

Max during his rounds aboard his camel-drawn cart was robbed by bandits. Following their trail, he landed in a town called Bartertown, also called the barter town. Tina Turner, who runs this city of commerce, entrusted Max with the mission of making the underground kings disappear: Master and Blaster. Not having accomplished his mission, he was abandoned in the desert from where he will return with his own army to reverse the authority of Tina.

Once co-founder of the Expendables, Conrad Stonebanks becomes an arms dealer. Barney Ross, the current chief in command tried to stop him and left him for dead. Having failed, he provokes the anger of Conrad who is now trying to take revenge on the whole team he met during one of their missions. Barney decides to assemble a new team to hunt down and kill Conrad.

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