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John Wick: Why Ms. Perkins Was Killed Off (& The Problem With It)

John Wick saw many assassins meet their demise, but there is something wrong with one death. Why was Ms. Perkins killed off under such circumstances?

In the wildly popular John Wick, there’s a reason why Ms. Perkins was killed off in the franchise. The widely recognized action series saw the contract killer finished off, but this decision presents a glaring problem logically. There is more behind the death of John Wick’s female assassin than Ms. Perkins initially revealed on screen.Exploding back onto the action scene in 2014, Keanu Reeves’ starring role in John Wick helped rack up an impressive box office total and body count to beat. The skilled assassin went up against many enemies in his first outing, including the Russian mafia.

Luckily, professional killers familiar with the criminal underworld could find solace in John Wick’s New York-based Continental Hotel. The prestigious refuge caters specifically to career criminals like John Wick and his colleagues, such as Ms. Perkins (Adrianne Palicki), but The Continental also requires a certain set of requirements in order to stay on its premises.The answer behind why Ms. Perkins was killed in John Wick is because of what she knew, while still forging ahead in her egocentric goals. The villainess Perkins broke the cardinal rule of the Continental on purpose. After the $2 million bounty was put on John Wick’s head, she went to the hotel knowing that she would be killed. In an act of nobility and avarice, Perkins would suffer the consequences of her fatal mistake. There are problems with her logic here, but the reasoning can be explained.

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