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Jason Derulo sin camiseta en su concierto en Madrid

If we add heat and concert we have Jason Derulo giving it his all yesterday on stage as the culmination of the Madrid Escena festival . The singer put the finishing touch with a concert in which he ended up shirtless and delighting his Madrid fans with his songs of course but also with his muscles.

Derulo is a big fan of fitness life and yesterday he proved himself on stage after seeing his naked and muscular torso . Just a couple of months ago we saw him doing an impossible exercise with an abdominal wheel to define and hypertrophy abs an effort that has paid off as we have seen after seeing the Florida man wearing a perfect six pack on stage. In addition to abs Jason can boast toned pecs and massive arms and shoulders that only come with hard work at the gym (and this weekly workout for bigger arms .

In 2019 Derulo confessed to Mens Health USA in an interview that in 2012 during a rehearsal he broke a vertebra and had to spend seven months without physical activity. As soon as I was able to return I decided to take my body to the next level said the singer who realized how much he needed exercise so after recovering he began to train hard and be more strict with his diet. A healthy routine that lasts today you just have to see how he looks physically on and off stage.

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