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James May: Our Man In Italy Trailer And Release Date Revealed

James May: Our Man In Japan received incredibly positive reviews as the Grand Tour presenter travelled across the incredible but mysterious world of Japan. Writing haikus as he traveled James May gave us the ins and outs of what its like to be Japanese while exploring the depth of Japanese culture.Now to Amazon Prime Video. Heres the trailer Our man is back and this time he has in . Join James May as he explores Italian culture countryside and carbohydrates. So say Ciao to Bim and say Buongiorno to James May Our Man in Italy.

Where Will James Go?

As the series progresses James will visit the most iconic and gorgeous parts of Italy and Sicily. According to Amazon he will visit Sicily shores the mountains of the Alps and explore the two millennia of culture the country has to offer.

Of course he would not be able to travel to Italy without exploring the cars the country has to offer so he will likely be stopping in Maranello Ferraris home states. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.In this series James May will travel the length and breadth of Italy from the sun-kissed shores of Sicily to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. Its one of his favourite countries in the world a place bursting with style beautiful cars Nutella and over two millennia of culture.Its also a land of contradictions simultaneously at the cutting edge of science of fashion of engineering and yet its crumbling infrastructure endemic corruption and eye watering public debt all describe on paper a country and society that seems on the cusp of failure. It reminds me of a Garibaldi biscuit says James it should not work and yet somehow its a triumph.

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