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How Many People Gerard Butler’s Banning Has Killed In The Has Fallen Movies

Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning is the hero of the Has Fallen movie franchise Mike Banning personally dispatched throughout the Has Fallen movie franchise. 2013s Olympus Has Fallen was a return to the Die Hard-inspired R rated action thrillers that used to dominate the genre during the 1990s.

Examples of Hard on an X movies including Under Siege (Die Hard on a ship Passenger 57 Die Hard on a plane or The Rock Die Hard on Alcatraz. The repetitive nature of this formula eventually saw the popularity of this subgenre wane but Olympus Has Fallen added some spice to the format by being set in the White House.Of course it famously went up against that years White House Down too but Olympus Has Fallen won that battle. It also gave star Gerard Butler a surprise franchise where his Secret Service agent character Mike Banning came back for two direct sequels. 2016s London Has Fallen has Mike trying to keep the president safe following a terrorist attack in the UK capital. 2019’s Angel Has Fallen then saw Banning himself framed for an assassination attempt and trying to clear his name.

Banning is one of the blunter action heroes of recent memory with one of his favorite finishing moves being to stab enemies in the head. The character has shown himself to be quite lethal over the course of the series and tends to dive headfirst into a fight. That means he has racked up a solid body count through the Has Fallen movies too according to the website All Outta Bubble Gum. In Olympus Has Fallen Banning killed 25 terrorists including main antagonist Kang Rick Yune.He almost tripled that count with London Has Fallen where he dispatched 70 villains while in Angel Has Fallen he reached 30 kills.

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