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Ghost Riders New Foe is a Stephen Kingesque Vehicular Villain

Johnny Blaze faces off against a haunted Stephen Kingesque vehicle in a preview for Marvels Ghost Rider #3 by writer Benjamin Percy. The following contains spoilers for Ghost Rider #3 on sale June 1 from Marvel Comics

Johnny Blaze is facing a new enemy reminiscent of a few Stephen King titles in a preview for Ghost Rider #3.Marvels Ghost Rider #3 comes from writer Benjamin Percy artists Cory Smith and Brent Peeples inkers Peeples and Roberto Poggi colorist Bryan Valenza and letterer VCs Travis Lanham. In the preview Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider first stumbles upon a bad car accident involving a semi and car. Accompanying Johnny is a man with a gun while what appears to be bodies sit in the back trunk. Johnny demands they stop at the accident to see if anyone needs help while the man promptly drives off only after Johnny hits his head into the steering wheel.

While standing on the side of the road Johnny sees an oncoming semitruck coming at a rapid pace. The truck quickly runs through the oncoming vehicle tossing it over the side of a cliff before continuing straight toward Johnny. The driver of the truck cant be seen apart from two vaguely visible glowing eyes although the look of the oncoming vehicle also vaguely resembles a face with jagged teeth and glowing headlights for eyes.

Solicit information for Ghost Rider #3 hints the truck could be ghostly in origin. The synopsis reads Johnny Blaze needs to know the truth behind what happened to him in Hayden Falls. But not only does he have an FBI agent tailing him there are supernatural forces at work that want to see him off the road again including a nightmarish trucker who stains the roads with burned rubber and roadkill.

Haunted deadly trucks or vehicles have played prominent roles in a number of Stephen King titles which the moment in Ghost Rider feels eerily similar to. Published in 1983 Kings Christine is about a 1958 Plymouth Fury possessed by the spirit of an evil man named Roland D.

LeBay. The novel was turned into a 1993 film directed by John Carpenter starring Keith Gordon John Stockwell Alexandra Paul Harry Dean Stanton and Roberts Blossom. In 1986 King directed Maximum Overdrive which is loosely based on a short story he wrote called Trucks. The film is set on a futuristic Earth where all machines including cars trucks and much else have gained sentience and started trying to kill off all of humankind. Ghost Rider #3 features cover art by Kael Ngu and variant cover art by Greg Land Frank DArmata Francesco Mobili Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Peach Momoko. The issue goes on sale June 1 from Marvel.

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