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From Liam Neeson to Vin Diesel: 11 Movie Dads Who Kick Ass

Its time to celebrate the film fathers who do whatever it takes to defend their children, from Tom Cruise to Dwayne Johnson to Denzel Washington.Fathers can get a bad rap for being seen as dorky or having an affinity for dad jokes. Thats why its always refreshing to remember that there are plenty of cinematic representations of dads who are not afraid of mixing it up when it comes to defending their own.

In honor of the fathers who go the extra mile, The Hollywood Reporter is paying tribute to the big-screen dads who will do whatever it takes to protect their flesh and blood. Keep reading to revisit lovably paternal characters played by Tom Cruise Denzel Washington Johnson and Vin Diesel.What would a list of kick ass dads be without Chuck Norris? The Steve Carver directed flick follows Norris as J.J. McQuade who champions action scenes after his daughter Dana Kimmell is attacked and taken hostage for accidentally getting tangled in the criminal activity of David Carradine.

Its tough to pick a top Arnold Schwarzenegger father film with options like True Lies Last Action Hero, Jingle All the Way and Maggie. But he has arguably the most kick-ass as John Matrix in the Mark L. Lester directed Commando engaging in a slew of action-packed scenes to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a former Delta Force team members grasp during an assassination mission.Alongside Mel Gibson Danny Glover plays paternal as LAPD homicide sergeant Roger Murtaugh in Richard Donners franchise launching buddy cop film. Murtaughs daughter Traci Wolfe is dragged into the action when kidnapped by Mr. Joshua Gary Busey and the Shadow Company but Murtaugh takes bullets and torture in attempts to see her to safety.

Of Harrison Fords many paternal roles its Wolfgang Petersens political action thriller that has him saving his White House staff and family members from Russian terrorists who hijack the presidents plane. As James Marshall Ford shoots down the enemy and memorably deploys Gary Oldmans parachute and delivers his wife and daughter to safety before evacuating the defunct aircraft.With hopes of securing a transplant for his dying son after a health insurance snafu Denzel Washington as the title character puts an emergency room on deadly lockdown in Nick Cassavetes thriller. Heartwarming and heart-pounding, the film shows a final plea to provide for his child.

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