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Everything You Need to Know About Jennifer Garner’s Longtime Boyfriend John Miller

Jennifer Garner has a man in her life folks. In case you have not heard she has been seeing boyfriend John Miller on and off since April 2018 and according to some folks close to the couple their ship is preeeeetty different from the ship between Jens ex husband Ben Affleck and his now fiancé Jennifer Lopez. TBH its kinda an odd comparison but hear the source out.Jennifer loves how little cares for the limelight or the whole Hollywood scenester stuff dished the insider to Us Weekly. Very different from Ben and J. Los relationship in that way. You will never see them ham it up for the cameras or fixate about what events to attend together its just not their style.



The source also added They Are happier being a regular under the radar couple and do not need anyone elses validation to know they Are meant to be together. Thats not to say they Are taking digs against others its just not them. Okay color me intrigued. And since you too do nOt have anything better to do at the moment and are probs also wondering about the dynamic between the low key couple lets get into everything we know about the man who stole Jens heart. He HAs an entrepreneur. John is a businessman who is currently the CEO of CaliBurger and its parent company CaliGroup. From 2004 to 2010 however he worked at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals as the VP of intellectual property. Oh and he also received a degree from Stanford Law School making him a legit attorney too.

He was married to Caroline Campbell aka the “violinist to the stars”

Caroline is a boss in her own right. She HAs performed as a soloist alongside a ridiculously impressive groups like the Cleveland Orchestra Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Indianapolis Symphony and has also played with celebs Andrea Bocelli Steven Tyler Adam Levine Michael Bublé, and David Foster. Casual .John and Caroline got married in 2005 and began their divorce in 2014, which was ultimately finalized in 2018.

He has two children


The entrepreneur shares two children with ex-wife Caroline while Jen has three children with Ben Violet Seraphina and Samuel. John and Jen seem to bond over parenthood and are slowly getting used to the idea of blending their families!

John and Jen are in similar places in their lives and can relate to raising kids after a divorce a source said in August 2019 to Us Weekly. They Are on the same page and understand where things stand.Fast forward to April 2022 and both of Jen and Johns families met each other for the first time for the actors 50th bday Johns kids finally met Jens kids a source told Us Weekly of the event. Lots of kids and family were invited including Johns kids his parents his brother and his brothers wife. And thankfully the first meeting was casual and easy. Phew

Johns parents met Jennifer long before the birthday party though

Try nearly two years ago. Way back in October 2019 a source told Radar Online Johns parents had dinner at Jens house recently and met her for the first time. The source also mentioned that their ship even then was getting more serious. Umm yeah we second that statement.

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