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Caity Lotz Reveals What DCs Legends of Tomorrow Taught Her

DCs Legends of Tomorrow may have come to an end earlier this year after seven seasons on The CW but the impact and the lessons from the fanfavorite series continue even for its stars. Caity Lotz who played Sara Lance/White Canary on the Arrowverse series came over to The Flash to direct this weeks episode The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen and revealed to.

One thing Legends taught me is lean in whatever it is youre doing when youre doing it lean it Lotz said. So you have a funny scene make it funny go full funny You dont have to hold back because its also a drama. And then when you have the drama scenes go full drama. You lean into that and its somehow as long as you just commit it all works.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow was cancelled earlier this year after seven seasons. The series ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with the heroes ending up arrested for their crimes against time — aka the Legends very all in approach to protecting the timeline — though the series penultimate episode did offer fans some solace by showing the possible future for each of the heroes. Fans have put forth efforts to try to save the series with a pickup by another network or streamer though that seems unlikely. As for Lotzs future she told ComicBook.com one thing that she has as a goal is to direct a feature film.

I want to direct a feature film. I want to do a feature because with TV youre bringing your vision to it like your taste but its a preestablished vision Lotz said. And I want to do something where I really get to build the world and decide what kind of camera movement how does the editing what are all the pieces of the puzzle. And also I like the idea of having something that begins and ends. Ive been working now on TV for so long and its kind of these openended stories which are really fun to live with but at the same time Id love the opportunity to craft something that is a finished piece. The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. All seven seasons of DCs Legends of Tomorrow are now streaming on Netflix.

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