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Arrow Star Stephen Amell and Wife Cassandra Jean Welcome New Baby

Stephen Amell and his wife Cassandra Jean welcomed a new baby into their family. TMZ learned that Bowell Amell was actually born last month. The second child for the couple was delivered in a Los Angeles Hospital.

Amells daughter Maverick Alexandra Jean now has a sibling. As of now there are no photos of the child on social media. The announcement is probably coming soon. This is notable because Mavericks birth was chronicled through posts. TMZ also notes that the entire family was at an event in April. So they speculate that the couple used a surrogate this time around. At any rate the Arrow star and Cassandra Jean are enjoying their time with a new addition. A lot of fans are wondering if they could see the Green Arrow actor don the hood again. After all the past year has played host to some heralded returns in pop culture. Speaking to Den of Geek the star cautioned never say never.

What means a great deal to me is we did get to control the ending Amell shared. That happens so rarely. To have that conversation with Greg Berlanti during the sixth season and to decide that seven and then a truncated version of the eighth season would wrap up the story its just such a blessing because we got to do it the right way. We got to say goodbye to people in the right way. In my opinion the way it should end for any superhero without superpowers is in the ground. Although I think Oliver just turned into energy. So you know never say never.

Oh sure Amell said of a possible return. I owe so much to the people of DC The CW and Warner Bros. Television. I love the character so much and only love it more now that its coming up on two years since we wrapped the show….But having a little space now I saw that I miss it. I do look back very very very fondly on it….Listen Im the namesake. So if I can ever be of any any help if I can be of service to the Arrowverse in any way shape or form or better still take it to a new place which I think would be the more interesting route to go be that in a limited capacity or on a different platform maybe one where we could show blood thatd be really cool.

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