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Why Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Is Hinting At Split From Kody Again

Meri Brown of Sister Wives is leading followers to believe that she may once again be thinking about leaving her husband Kody Brown after troubles.

Sister Wives Meri Brown is once again stirring the pot as she hints she may be thinking about leaving her husband Kody Brown. For years viewers have felt that Kodys first wife should muster up the courage to leave the patriarch behind. Between their loveless marriage and his selfishness the couple just doesnt seem to be working out.

Meri has already admitted that she is looking for a little bit more passion in her life But after years of false social media posts fans have almost given up on hoping Meri would start her own life over. Kody has been living his own life with his favorite wife Robyn Brown and ignored the rest. Meri has been keeping TLC viewers on their toes as she has been taking time for some solo road trips in recent months but no one is quite sure where she stands within the polygamous family.

Once again Meri is sharing cryptic posts about her love life or lack thereof. During a recent post Meri shared that she wouldnt be sticking around Flagstaff as she was about to go on a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon. The mother of one posted a photo of the canyon at sunset with a very empowering message. She told followers that life may often throw her curveballs sharing that sometimes curveballs arent too shabby. Meri went on to tell supporters that they should embrace the change.

In recent months Meri has turned to nature for some solace. Sadly Kody has not been by her side. Sister Wives viewers will recall that during the tellall Kody shared he had no desire to be intimate with Meri ever again. Meri seemed to be okay with the decision and is still choosing to stay within the large polygamous family. For the last few years Meri has lived a solitary life with almost no interaction with her husband. Kody and Meri have no romantic spark between them and followers wish she would start over with a man who loves her.

While TLC has yet to announce a new season of Sister Wives Paedon Brown has already confirmed that the cameras have started filming. Kodys son stated that all of the wives are participating including Christine Brown who left the family back in November of 2021. As for Meri it doesnt look like she has a plan to leave Kody or the comfort of what she knows. Fans just wish that Meri would muster up some courage and start her life anew but until then she will keep leaving breadcrumbs behind.

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