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The Boys make fun of Sony for rereleasing Jared Letos Morbius.

The success of Amazon Prime The Boys is known not only for introducing fresh material into the superhero genre but also for mocking clues in superhero movies and the companies that make them. The main focus of the show is none other than Sony and their hilarious and misleading attempts to bring the criticized and commercially unsuccessful Morbius to the market as a blockbuster.

For those who may not know Sony recently rereleased the Morbius after the poorly received superhero movie became a cult hit based on the memes the movie had inadvertently created. Just like when the movie was released the idea exploded in Sonys face as well as few of the movies fans who ironically watched the movie went to the movies to see it again.

As such Vought International tweeted that they would rerelease the fictional movie Dawn of the Seven even though the movie was still in theaters in the The Boys universe. They also included it in the tweet with the cheat Its Maevin Time! would help fans get a discount on the rerelease by making fun of Morbius internet meme Its Morbins time! that fans would say satirical while watching the movie. The tweet was #DawnOfTheSeven is back! While still in theaters weve heard all of your tweets and will be releasing a movie this week! Dont miss your chance to relive the action use the code ITS MAEVINTIME to get your second ticket discount until June 30th.

The Boys are known to do this both on and off the show. In the second episode of the third season they made fun of Disney for how fake they are when they try to be politically all inclusive with a version of Disneyland Vought on the nose called Voughtland. In Voughtland they have an attraction called Brave Maeves Inclusive Kingdom with BLM BLTs Woke Wok LGBTurkey Legs and Rainbow Pops. This keeps them from making fun of this political ideology as much as they make fun of the way Disney submits to it for good public relations more than anything else.

So its a good thing The Boys scoffed at Sony for trying to take advantage of the popularity that Morbius inadvertently got due to how bad the movie turned them too. It could be argued that making fun of Sony is a little fruit as they have proven countless times that they dont know what they are doing when it comes to creating and marketing their blockbuster movies to the point where they made the joke mark themselves. Perhaps this is how Sony will eventually realize that it needs to tweak its strategy a bit because what it does is not working.

Cases like this show The Boys sometimes feel like the superhero genre is reuniting with South Park. Sure South Park is a pure episodic satire and nothing else while The Boys has a general story to tell about power and corruption. However if the show has a chance to ridicule superhero stereotypes and blame the companies that make superhero movies they will make fun of it every time. Moreover like South Park they dont deliver blows when they do. This tweet from Vought International is a fairly transparent shot of Sonys ineptitude as a company. It is a long way from the first shot in a film studio and it will certainly not be the last.

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