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Teen Wolf the plots facing the revival

When MTVs Teen Wolf ended in 2017 the series left unfinished business with an open ending. Although the central storyline was addressed Teen Wolf left open the possibility of a future war. The series finale The Wolves of War revealed that the McCall pack had expanded and planned to find save and teach the newly transformed werewolves. While Teen Wolf never ends the war itself the series creates an element of mystery knowing that the journey will continue offscreen. With the Teen Wolf revival movie on the way theres a chance to answer some of those questions by potentially introducing an allnew story.

Its been a few years since Teen Wolf aired its finale so not even a time jump in the shows universe would be a surprise. But is McCall Pack still in a similar war when the revival film picks up? Are they facing a new threat? Considering the news that has already been released regarding the revival the Teen Wolf movie needs to answer some key questions or address some storylines. Considering the films number of returns Teen Wolf will have a fundamental number of returning characters. But will the Teen Wolf revival film live up to expectations? Wolves of War suggested that everyone would continue with the plan to find and rescue the newly transformed werewolves.

However that doesnt mean thats what the pack does when the movie begins. What happened to the band in the meantime? Did Stiles continue to work with the FBI? What career path did Lydia follow? Did Scott become a veterinarian? Did anyone return to Beacon Hills after the finale? Given the series open ending there are many paths the characters could have taken after the end credits. As Jackson and Ethan returned to London they appeared to be part of the pack deciding to work remotely. Did they all stay together? They separated? When Dylan OBrien confirmed he wouldnt be reprising the role of Stiles from Teen Wolf it shocked fans

Stiles had been an essential part of the story. In addition to his critical storylines Stiles was Scotts best friend. Stiles and Scott rarely argued and always stood next to each other. But if Dylan OBrien doesnt return then what excuse will the film find for his absence? Stiles absence also raises questions about the results of Stiles and Lydias romance. Stiles and Lydia are still together but is Stiles off camera doing something else? Whats so essential that Stiles cant be there for the pack? Considering Stiles always did his best to be there for Scott and Lydia when he could in addition to being a fan favorite his absence will certainly be felt in the revival.

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