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Ms. Marvel’s Kingo Reference Teases Eternals 2 Twist (Theory)

Ms. Marvel surprised audiences across the world when it first aired its episode. Somehow, the Disney+ series was able to break past early controversy and make viewers fall in love with the quirky and lovable Kamala Khan, though Iman Vellani’s pure vibrancy no doubt played a big role. To make everything better, the character also happens to basically be like every fan watching: a massive Avengers fan.

The show is chock full of references, such as tributes to the deaths of Natasha Romanoff and Iron Man, countless Marvel cosplays, and more Captain Marvel mentions than one could count. There’s even an official Scott Lang podcast that was responsible for informing the entire world about the events of Avengers: Endgame.With the second episode having just aired, the show continues to add to that collection of Easter eggs. This time, what seems like a small Kingo name drop could, in actuality, end up teasing a big twist for Eternals 2, and the fate of Earth itself—no biggieRish Shah’s Kamran was introduced in Ms. Marvel’s second episode, and it didn’t take very long for Iman Vellani’s Kamala to notice. Before audiences knew it, they were already on a pseudo date getting to know each other.

At first, their conversation starts with Kamala mentioning how “there’s no such thing as a bad Shah Rukh Khan movie.” For those who may not know the name, he’s a highly famed Indian actor whose work on Hindu films has led him to garner worldwide admiration. Funnily enough, the conversation then shifts to another famed Bollywood icon: Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo.The name comes up when Kamran says to Kamala, “don’t tell me you have a massive crush on Kingo, too,” to which she replies, “[my mom is] literally obsessed with him for some reason.Kamran even goes as far as to mention how his mom “still has a huge crush on Kingo Senior,” which, as Eternals revealed, is simply the same old Kingo.

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