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Katie Maloney says Tom Schwartz breakup ‘feels like my own funeral’

Katie Maloney said moving on from Tom Schwartz is like attending her own funeral.I hate goodbyes Maloney 35 began a lengthy Instagram post waxing poetic over the ruins of their relationship. And this one hurts a lot.

She went The emotions and words are hard to pin down. Closing this chapter on my life feels like attending my own funeral. But I am very much alive.The reality star shared the intimate thoughts two days after announcing that she and Schwartz would soon be moving out of their shared home as the note was accompanied by a snap of Maloney sitting on the floor of the empty residence.Thank you house for being the coziest brightest home for the memories for being my for letting me dress you up like a hallmark movie set at Christmas and for being OURS. I am going to miss coming home she concluded.

As for Schwartz the Vanderpump Rules star 39 also took to Instagram to reflect on their moving day joking that he does not know the proper break up font or canned Instagram caption to use felt the need to clarify some things with the public.Katie and I are separating. I am not quite ready to use the D word b/c its too painful he wrote in his own statement.He said he is not looking for sympathy and he knows he not the victim as he respects his VPR co stars decision to move on.It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy.Citing the irony of a reality star asking for privacy Schwartz instead asked fans to simply be kind despite their assumptions about the couple based on the Bravo hit.

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