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Jennifer Connelly On Motherhood, #MeToo And Taking On ‘Maverick’

Jennifer Connelly is Hollywoods quiet achiever. From her breakout role in Labyrinth alongside David Bowie to her Oscar winning performance in A Beautiful Mind the actor has led a largely elusive life off camera. Now the celebrated star and mother of three steps back into the spotlight for her latest film Maverick the long awaited Top Gun sequel. In our July issue of marie claire Australia the cover star reveals her challenging rise to the top and the close knit family she has built with Paul Bettany.

So is it safer for women on sets now? Thats what I was referring to she continues. I think its hugely from when I was a youth. But ithard for me to say because I am now 51. So I am treated differently on a movie set by virtue of my age at this pointConnelly was 15 when the original was released – the very same year she co-starred with Bowie in the fantasy film Labyrinth. “I remember being blown away by the [Top Gun] flying sequences. I remember feeling like somehow – and I don’t think I thought this way about movies at the time – that Tom Cruise created such an iconic character out of the gate.But for example shooting intimate scenes the director would say in the past OK heres the thing and close set and roll cameras and you guys just go for it. They were not even treated as scenes. Now there are intimacy coordinators who mediate and make sure everyone is comfortable.

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