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Gwyneth Paltrow: from her vagina-scented candles to being the perfect royal advisor

It is very common for Hollywood stars to take advantage of the job opportunities that come their way in order to explore borders beyond those that all their followers know. This has been the case of Gwyneth Paltrow, who in 2008 created Goop , a brand that sells fashion and cosmetic products, among others, valued by some media at up to 225 million euros.

Taking into account the great reception that her signature had, the actress wanted to go further when it came to bringing to light a creation that did not go unnoticed in any corner of the planet. This is none other than her vagina-scented candles, which were top sellers despite costing $75 each . Very happy with the success of these decorations, Gwyneth was completely honest during an interview for the program Late Night With Seth Meyers when she admitted that the idea of ​​candles “at first was a joke”: “I perceived a pleasant smell and I said, ‘It smells like my vagina.’ But it was all a joke because we were high. We were trying a hallucinogenic mushroom tea”, she assured, suggesting that the idea for the project was the result of the effects of certaindrugs .

What no one could imagine is that Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the people to see the ring. Durek Verrett and the actress enjoy a beautiful friendship , for which he wanted her to give him the go-ahead “because she knew she is very demanding with pretty things”: “She told me it was the most fantastic ring she had ever seen and that he loved how much he had thought and cared for him, and he knew that Princess Marta would love and appreciate it, having the seal of approval of a friend like her made me very happy, ”the protagonist confessed in an interview with the which was echoed by Vanity Fair . So, everything indicates that this next royal wedding will be full of celebrities, and how could it be otherwise, the protagonist of Iron Man will not miss the appointment .

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